Fernando Alonso's jump to Aston Martin: why has he signed for the penultimate team on the grid?

Fernando Alonso’s jump to Aston Martin: why has he signed for the penultimate team on the grid?

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what it started with Sebastian Vettel opening an account on instagram has ended up causing a hurricane with Fernando Alonso in the same center.

The Spaniard is enjoying his most ‘troll’ version, seeing how Alpine (and specifically his boss Otmar Szafnauer) self-destructs. The Anglo-French team is paying for the betrayal and contempt it has committed against its last champion, who has gone from being one of its main assets to one of his most dangerous enemies.

The Asturian’s surprise departure has left them with no room for manoeuvre, and at the date of publication of this analysis, they don’t have a substitute because Oscar Piastrithe promising driver who comes from winning F3 and F2 and who was Szafnauer’s big bet, has kicked them while waiting for McLaren to open the door for him.

But Alonso doesn’t care what happens to Alpine from now on. You can’t treat someone who doesn’t treat you as a priority as an option, so the Spaniard must now focus on looking more towards the box of the green cars of Aston-Martin, colors that it will defend from next year. And there is the big question: What options does Alonso have to win with his new team?

Many resources, few results

Among the many reasons why Alonso has left Alpine is that he did not see a project that could be trusted. If the 2021 car was disappointing at the start but ended up in the ascending line, the 2022 car has made a small jump… to continue where it was. Currently, Alpine fights for the fourth position of the Constructors’ World Championship classification, which is one more place than the one achieved the previous year. Insufficient and with few signs of improvement by 2023.

Even so, Alonso has decided to sign for a team that, currently, occupies the penultimate position of the general classification with 20 points added between Lance Stroll Y Sebastian Vettel: 4 are from the son of the owner and the other 16 from the four-time world champion who will retire at the end of the year. Only Alonso has added a little more than half, 41, in the 13 Grand Prix held until his announcement.

Fernando Alonso, with Alpine

It is the Asturian pilot himself explained, in broad strokes, why he takes such a risk. “I have seen how the team has consistently attracted great people with winning pedigrees, and I have noticed the great commitment to the new facilities and resources at Silverstone. No one in Formula 1 today is showing greater vision and an absolute commitment to victory.and that makes it a really exciting opportunity for me,” explained the Asturian in the statement that shook F1 when explaining his signing.

Lawrence Stroll, the owner, has invested a huge amount of financial resources to build Aston Martin. Said in paladin roman: he is releasing dumpsters of money to win as he can.

The signings of people like Dan Fallowsformer director of aerodynamics Red Bull, Martin Whitmarshformer team leader McLarenor the bet on people who were already like Andrew Green (which Alpine has been teasing for months) ensures that Alonso won’t run into newcomers or upstarts who have no team experience. If anything, mike krackthe team leader, is the one who can generate the most doubts.

The million dollar question: can you win?

Very few are confident of seeing Aston Martin win in 2023. Not even copy ideas from Red Bull (Fallows brought some when he signed from Red Bull) has helped them make the leap, although it is not clear if the poor results are the fault of the drivers or the car itself.

Whoever thinks that Alonso is going to win on the first date dressed in green is wrong. The logic of Formula 1 invites us to think that even will never win again, unless there is some crazy race. Aston Martin’s objective is not to fight with Red Bull, Ferrari or Mercedes in the short term, but in the medium term: that is where the figure of Alonso comes in.

Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso, during their time together at Ferrari

The experience accumulated by the Spaniard, what he can teach the team about protocols, work routines and technical capacity goes far beyond the results themselves. Aston Martin will not go from penultimate to first place if it is not climbing several steps before. And that takes time: Alonso’s contract is “multi-year” and, therefore, there is margin… but will it be enough?

From ‘The Plan’ to ‘The Mission’

Social networks have already changed ‘The plan’, that alleged path that Alpine had devised to achieve success, for ‘The mission’which will be the challenge that Alonso must take on from now on.

The goal of putting Aston Martin in orbit as one of the leading teams, it will be, more than possibly, his last contribution to F1 before retiring for his next goals, whether it is to achieve the Indianapolis 500 milesok back to DakarWell try another competition. The challenge that lies ahead is as difficult as it is appealing, although winning, Todaybe a mission…impossible.

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