Seven essential nutrients to strengthen bones

Seven essential nutrients to strengthen bones

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The health of the bones is a factor that must be taken into account for the functioning of the body, since the bone system is what gives the organism resistance and stability. In this sense, the skeleton must be strengthened constantly, regardless of the sex or age of the person.

Taking into account considerations shared by the National Resource Center for Osteoporosis and Bone Diseases of the United States, One of the specific actions that bones have is their ability to protect the brainso that its inconsistency can have serious consequences.

“When bones break (known as a fracture) they can cause a lot of pain and surgery is occasionally required to repair them. They can also cause other health problems for a long time ”, explain the North American specialists.

The maintenance of the bones is essential for the movement of the body. Photo: Getty Images. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Osteoporosis is one of the most common conditions diagnosed by wear of some part of the bone system. The specialized website medlineplus slogan that This disease is known to thin the bone tissue, and weaken them over time. Parts such as the hip, spine and wrist are usually the most affected.

Due to the need to maintain strong bones, health and care experts say it’s never too late to start paying more attention to the skeleton. There are several ways to fulfill this task and one of them is through nutrients.

Bones / Skeletal system
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Nutrients needed for bones

The first thing to say is that nutrients are “elements or chemical compounds found in food”, according to the Spanish portal take care plus. Its importance permeates the field of health because dieticians and nutritionists mention that They participate actively in the metabolic actions essential for the organism to function.

In the same vein, nutrients are resounding to contribute to bone resistance. Usually, when talking about bones, calcium is involved, but there are other compounds that are also optimal for strengthening them.

As it is, the portal Know how to livehand in hand with the pharmacist María López, a nutrition and dietetics technician, shares the following list of nutrients to help the skeleton:

1. Magnesium: It is estimated that 60% of this mineral is stored in the bones, so it favors their non-destruction. Foods like avocado, corn, dates, and spinach are rich in this nutrient.

2. Vitamin B12: medlineplus details that it is part of the well-known B complex and strengthens the bones because there are cases in which it has been shown that having low levels of this vitamin causes osteoporosis. This nutrient is found in lean meats and eggs.

3. Vitamin C: those who know the subject explain that It is responsible for giving firmness and elasticity to the joints. When there is little presence of this vitamin, it is related to “osteoarticular problems and a weaker femoral bone,” according to Saber Vivir.

It is important to consult a doctor.
It is important to see a doctor if the bone ailments do not stop. Getty Images. – Photo: Getty Images

4. Vitamin K: its importance is given because helps produce osteocalcin, which is the second most important protein in the bone system. Green leafy vegetables are usually rich in this vitamin.

5. Vitamin D: also known as the sun vitamin. For specialists, this nutrient allows calcium to be fixed in the bones.

6. Sulfur: The aforementioned portal states that “it is necessary for the synthesis of collagen, an essential component for joint and bone health.” It is usually in foods such as meat, fish, eggs and dairy products.

7. Gelatin and Chicken Stock: these preparations are rich in protein. The gastronomic portal gastrolab specifies that the consumption of the aforementioned recipes help in the repair of tissues, in which the bones are involved.

Experts indicate that gelatin can be a very effective remedy to provide collagen to the joints.  Photo: Getty images.
Experts indicate that gelatin can be a very effective remedy to provide collagen to the joints. Photo: Getty images. – Photo: Photo: Getty images.

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