Volkswagen Polo 1.0 TSI 95 CV R-Line: small but very successful

Volkswagen Polo 1.0 TSI 95 CV R-Line: small but very successful

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The Volkswagen Polo has always been one of the city cars par excellence, together with its cousins of VW Group, the Seat Ibiza or the Skoda Fabia. But Polo has always provided the usual quality of the brand, very close to an Audi A1 without going any further.

With 4.07 meters in lengthits maneuverability in the city is excellent and it maintains very good stability and decent road skills.

R-Line, it’s worth it

The R line finish offers a series of exterior accessories on the base finish, Life, whatand for 1,850 euros more they are worth it. Because, for example, the rims are 16 inches and not 15, add parking sensors, the Digital Cockpit Pro’with multicolor display 10.25 inch or, the most interesting and already mentioned, the R-Line sporty exterior package.

Of course, if you are looking for a price, with the Life finish stays at 21,860 euros and not the 23,710 of this R-Line, but the difference, especially in appearance, is very noticeable. And it is that he also wears some chrome trim imitating exhaust outlets either Rear windows and rear window darkened.

The R-Line finish gives it a sportier look.

Just like the feeling you get when get on the car. That you already have one color infotainment screen or have a smaller one for day to day it may cause regret for not having paid those almost 2,000 euros.

Especially since he has a software, very intuitive and that works very fast, of course compatible with Apple Car Play Y Android Auto. The quality is also very good, although, obviously, in this type of city car, plastics abound, but in this Volkswagen they are, at least worthy, like the fit between them.

At the wheel that quality is perceived and the comfort of very well resolved seats, comfortable, of good fluffy and with good side support. The same happens behind, which has comfortable seats, and with good space, especially for the heads of the tallest.

Of course, the Polo is what it is and you cannot ask three 1.85-meter passengers to travel loosely. By the way, what can be asked of him is that, in addition, he adds a good trunk, and it does so thanks to its 351 litres, one of the largest in this segment.

Behind there is enough space for two adults, but if they are not very big.

At the level of equipment, in this finish there is no lack of elements such as front and rear acoustic parking sensors, pedestrian detection system, adaptive Cruise Control, dual zone climate control or emergency braking assistant, among others.

Simple but efficient engine

This pole features a 1.0 TSI three-cylinder engine, with turbo and 95 hp. It may seem low power, but it turns out more than enough to defend itself in citizen use and make a getaway or even a summer or Easter trip, with the logical space constraints already mentioned.

Despite the turbo, this engine shows somewhat lazy at low regime and, for example, from a standstill, it costs go out with joy The same thing happens in long marches. If the tachometer drops a lot, you will have to work with the change and reduce some gear, because the torque of only 175 Nm it is not capable of moving the car nimbly in the lower part of its rev range.

For 2,930 euros more you can have the automatic transmission in the photo, but in this car it is not worth it.

One time past 2,500 revolutions, Polo begins to pick up momentum and move much better. Of course, from then on and if it goes up a lot of laps, the typical three-cylinder mechanical purr appears, but more content than in other vehicles with similar engines.

And while inserts and response time is very good on the five-speed manual gearbox, it is true that on the road misses a sixth relationship to save a little more gasoline. So what consumption in this test has remained at a reasonable 5.7 liters / 100 km (approves 5.2 litres/100 km), but it is also true that in practically all scenarios, both highway and city, the traffic was very fluid.

If we talk about the fluidity of a trip, on the highway, the Polo has very good stability, so much so that it seems that you are traveling in a larger car. In addition, the aerodynamic noise is well resolved and the suspension does its job remarkably, since only in the largest potholes will the passage suffer some more unpleasant movement.

To this is added a direction direct enough to maneuver well in the city and keep the Pole in the correct trajectory on long trips effortlessly Y without many corrections. With all this, the little Volkswagen meets all the requirements that anyone can ask for in an urbanite of this style.

The Polo has comfortable cushy front seats and an overall superior car interior quality.

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