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acb domain in quarry ranking | ACB.COM

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After the end of the Spanish championships, the Spanish Basketball Federation updated the ranking of national academies, which takes into account the results of each group in the Junior, Cadet and Infantil categories during the last four seasons.

Overall, Real Madrid is the outstanding leader, with 382 points, just two less than the absolute maximum. Their most immediate pursuers are Catalans, with Joventut strong in 2nd place thanks to their 340 points and Barça closing the podium of national academies, with 325.

Next, Unicaja (297), Coosur Real Betis (261), Lenovo Tenerife (245), Casademont Zaragoza (225), Valencia Basket (223), UCAM Murcia (219), Herbalife Gran Canaria (195) and Baskonia (182). . In other words, eleven acb academies lead the national ranking, with a league classic such as Movistar Estudiantes, today in LEB Oro, in 12th position, with 168 points.

In terms of categories, Real Madrid has been the outstanding leader in recent years both in the Junior category (128), as well as in the Cadet (128) and Infantile (126) categories. Joventut (2nd in Junior and Children), Barça (2nd in Cadet, 3rd in Junior) and Unicaja (3rd in Children and 3rd in Cadet), the other great dominators in the men’s category.

Global quarry ranking (2018-2022)

No. Equipment Points
1 real Madrid 382
two Joventut 340
3 Barca 325
4 Unibox 297
5 Coosur Real Betis 261
6 Lenovo Canary Islands 245
7 Casademont Zaragoza 225
8 Valencia Basketball 223
9 UCAM Murcia 219
10 Herbalife Gran Canaria 195
eleven baskonia 182
12 Movistar Estu 168
13 Canterbury 158
14 Fuenlabrada 133
fifteen Obradoiro Peleteiro 129
16 Leonese School 123
17 City of Valladolid 105
18 Manresa 104
19 EASO 98
twenty Torrelodones 96
twenty-one La Salle Palma 92
22 Valencia Foundation 79
23 CB L’Hospitalet 70
24 Bilbao Basketball Foundation 67
25 Zentro Basket Madrid 63

Triplet in the Spanish Championships

The dominance of the Endesa League teams in the men’s category is such that all the semi-finalists of the Spanish Championships (in each of the three categories!) are acb academies.

In Junior, with 7 of the top 8 teams sporting the acb stamp and 13 Endesa League academies in the final draw of the Spanish Championship, the absolute champion was Joventut Badalona, ​​defeating Real Madrid in the final by 86-81.

In Cadete this dynamic is repeated: 7 of the first 8 are acb academies, with 12 Endesa League clubs in contention, including Cadete B of Valencia Basket in the round of 16. The absolute champion was Real Madrid, superior to Unicaja Andalucía in the very final.

On the other hand, in Infantil, 9 different Endesa League academies fought for the Spanish Championship, with most acb in the quarterfinals (5 out of 8). Once again, in this category, the dominator was Real Madrid, who defeated Cajasiete Canarias in the battle for the title.

Likewise, the role of the women’s sections of acb clubs should be highlighted, with medals for Barça CBS (Gold in Children, Silver in Junior), Valencia Basket (Gold in Cadet) and Unicaja Andalucía (Bronze in Children and in Cadet).

Men’s rankings 2018-2022 by category

Ranking of quarries in Junior category

No. Equipment Points
1 real Madrid 126
two Joventut 123
3 Barca 121
4 Casademont Zaragoza 106
5 baskonia 104
6 Unibox 95
7 Canterbury 83
8 Valencia Basketball 81
9 Coosur Real Betis 78
10 Fuenlabrada 70

Ranking of quarries in Cadet category

No. Equipment Points
1 real Madrid 128
two Barca 116
3 Unibox 107
4 Joventut 104
5 Lenovo Canary Islands 100
5 Herbalife Gran Canaria 100
7 Coosur Real Betis 95
8 Valencia Basketball 93
9 baskonia 71
10 UCAM Murcia 67

Ranking of quarries in the Children’s category

No. Equipment Points
1 real Madrid 128
two Joventut 113
3 Unibox 95
4 Barca 88
4 Coosur Real Betis 88
6 Lenovo Canary Islands 86
7 UCAM Murcia 83
8 Valencia Foundation 59
9 Casademont Zaragoza 58
10 Valencia Basketball 49
10 Movistar Estu 49
10 Leonese School 49

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