Tingling in the body?  These are the possible causes

Tingling in the body? These are the possible causes

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Usually, people overlook the tingling in some parts of the body, considering that this part cramped at the time; nevertheless, The tingling sensation in the body is a symptom known as paresthesia and can lead to major health problems.

According to the magazine Cinfasalud, Paresthesia is a disorder that generates a type of irritative sensitivity that tends to manifest itself with tingling. In general, this sensation usually occurs in the arms, hands, fingers, legs and feet, and most of the time this symptom is transitory.

When the tingling occurs chronically, this may be related to an injury that a nerve has suffered or to a pathology that can affect the structures of the central nervous system.

For this reason, it is important to know the main causes of paresthesia and the magazine better with health makes them known:

  • bad position: This is often the most common cause of the condition. Tingling occurs when a part of the body is in an abnormal position for a long time. It is important to mention that the weight on a limb can compress the blood vessels and their nerves, which causes a tingling sensation. Among the postures that most cause this is crossing the legs and lying on the arms.
  • Disc herniation: This condition affects the cartilaginous discs, which are located between each of the vertebrae. In general, herniated discs appear more frequently in the lower back and the tingling sensation is more common in the legs. This condition disappears with anti-inflammatory treatments and can progressively decrease with therapies.
  • Mellitus diabetes: poorly controlled diabetes can cause tingling in the body. The areas most affected by the presence of paresthesia are the hands and feet.
The causes of tingling in the body have a benign origin in most cases. – Photo: Photo: Getty images.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome: Several studies have shown that the main symptoms of this neurological condition are pain and tingling in the palm of the thumb, index and middle fingers. This tingling usually appears at any time of the day, but it occurs more frequently at night.
  • stroke: These types of problems occur when there are problems in the cerebral blood vessels, decreasing the supply of blood and oxygen to a specific area of ​​the body. Stroke can trigger body tingling and muscle weakness.
  • Lack of vitamins: the deficiency of vitamins of the B complex generate the sensation of tingling throughout the body and alterations in the nerves of the hands and feet. To avoid this cause, the ideal is to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, and increase the consumption of milk, yogurt, fruits and vegetables.
  • Multiple sclerosis: This is an autoimmune disease that attacks the myelin of the central and peripheral nervous system. This is one of the most serious causes of tingling in the body, because it can cause permanent changes.
  • Anxiety: When there is a psychological alteration, be it stress, anxiety or sadness, physical changes are generated as part of the somatization process. That is why when an anxiety crisis occurs, one of the most frequent causes is tingling throughout the body and numbness of the face, arms and hands.
  • Guillain Barre syndrome: This condition is mainly characterized by tingling and a feeling of muscle weakness in the lower limbs. This syndrome is a progressive disease that affects the entire body.
  • synovial cyst: It usually presents as a small nodule on the skin of the hands and feet, and generates a tingling sensation in the fingers. This condition requires a medical assessment that many times its process will depend on a surgical intervention.

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