A diner, bluntly in 'First Dates': "I don't care if a man is affectionate if he is small

A diner, bluntly in ‘First Dates’: “I don’t care if a man is affectionate if he is small

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Every day ‘First Dates’ receives diners who have very clear ideas. This is the case of Eileen, a 41-year-old chiropractor from Madrid, who entered the restaurant making a blunt description of herself: “I am brave, warrior and very forward in everything. Lately, I’m more demanding with men. Although I’m great at 41 years old, I already have an experience…”.

The chiropractor surprised Carlos Sobera at the bar when he told him about the type of person he wanted to find on his visit: “I come to the program looking for a man who makes me vibrate from minute one. If there is something that I do not like, it is that it does not have it small”.

“Define me little girl,” Carlos Sobera asked her. “From about 20 (centimeters)“, answered Eileen. “If you don’t mind, Matías, I have to go to the psychologist now. I’ll be back in a while…”, the presenter told Matías Roure after hearing these words.

Later, Eileen explained in more detail why she put that demanding condition: “I have to be blunt, I don’t care if he is affectionate, kind, intelligent or polite if he has a small. Well no, I want to enjoy the years I have left. I like them to be big.”

After this presentation, Eileen knew that she was going to meet David, a 46-year-old osteopath and acupuncturist from Madrid, who was clear that finding the ideal partner is not an easy task, although he did not give up trying: “It’s easy to find people who want to fuck, the hard part is finding love, but it’s possible”.

“I don’t like that they have hair anywhere, but on their heads, yes,” Eileen assured when she saw David, who also had a first impression of her: “I would have preferred a shorter, thinner, more athletic woman, a little younger and a little more childless (Eileen has two).”

Once settled at the table that the ‘First Dates’ restaurant reserved for them, the truth is that both took advantage of the evening to get to know each other a little more thoroughly. In fact, Eileen was not shy about telling David her opinion of him: ““To me, from the start, he seems gay, for me he likes boys more than girls”.

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“I am heterosexual because I have verified it, with 20 years or so I wanted to verify how my hormones reacted”David replied to Eileen, who did not stop with a fetish theme: “It is that he has it small“.

In the last minutes of the evening, his lack of harmony was decisive in ‘The final decision’, since neither of them wanted to go on a second date with the other outside of the restaurant on ‘First Dates’. “I got the feeling that you like boys better,” Eileen told David before leaving.

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