Valiente como el acero. Crónica del Real Zaragoza-Real Betis (2-2)

Brave as steel. Chronicle of Real Zaragoza-Real Betis (2-2)

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The exam went well. Of note. Real Zaragoza emerged victorious from the toughest test of the summer against a Betis they always looked into the eyes of and never knelt before. Not even when the duel seemed to favor the Verdiblancos. With ten minutes to go, the First team won 2-0 against a Zaragoza that did not deserve such punishment but was subjected to a sharper fang. Nevertheless, in just three minutes, Carcedo’s squad had returned the boards to the luminous and even, should have won the match, but the referee annulled Jair’s goal in stoppage time for non-existent offside, In any case, Zaragoza’s umpteenth comeback, his pride, his rasmia and his competitive gene make him the moral winner of the battle.

The most demanding test of the preseason showed, surely, the best Zaragoza of the summer. Carcedo considered that the entity of the opponent required an initial formation very close to the one that, in ten days, will face the league premiere in Las Palmas. Only Narvaez It was somewhat out of tune with respect to the line-up with more options to face the start of the campaign. vadameanwhile, could have won the game over frankalthough the conception of the duel, with more withdrawal than high pressure, justified the entry of the Argentine for the youth squad.

The fact is that Zaragoza was a team sir throughout the shock, especially throughout the first half hour. The Aragonese team was shown as a disciplined, orderly, rigorous and well planted army on a battlefield in which Betis, led by the exquisite Channelswas surpassed by the core Zaragoza, this time, with Molina at the height of Grau in a kind of novel 4-2-3-1.

Canales, precisely, was the author of the first essay taking advantage of Grau’s lack of force in the brand. His shot went just wide to the relief of a Zaragoza team that, as almost always, reached the three-quarter line well but, also as usual, the rivals became windmills from there. Carcedo’s men moved the ball well from side to side and combined with success until the vicinity of the Betic area, but they hardly bothered Rui Silva. he just did Frenchafter half an hour, after the umpteenth short corner kick that ended with a cross from Bermejo that the youth squad was about to send into the net, but the goalkeeper’s intervention prevented the goal.

damn pause

The hydration break was a heavy burden for a Zaragoza that the high blood pressure ordered by Pellegrini put it in serious trouble. Canales was able to score in a serious error by Manu Molina when the ball came out. His shot seemed to go over the goal line before Frances’ clearance, but the lineman denied it. Shortly after, rodry Y Ruibal They collided with Cristian and the stick on a double occasion that made it clear that the heat and the accumulation of games took their toll on a Zaragoza with its tongue hanging out.

The intermission calmed things down and returned from the locker room to an Aragonese team somewhat recovered from the shake to which they had been subjected in the last third of the first half. Vada, in a personal move, defined fatally shortly before Betis took advantage on the scoreboard thanks to another mismatch by Francés, in a minor version throughout the preseason, which Juanmi He took the opportunity to beat Cristian with quality.

The goal evidenced the greater offensive quality of the Sevillians against a Zaragoza that, in any case, stood tall and measured up against a greater opponent in every way,

The carousel of changes led the game to a phase of uncertainty in which Betis, superior in quality, had everything to win. But Zaragoza, proud and brave, appealed to their fighting spirit to continue waging war. Russet filled with the ball in a clear counter prelude to a great scoring chance Lluis Lopezwho finished very badly a measured center of Eugeni a few meters from Daniel Martin, replacement of Rui Silva in the Betic framework. he had it too Giuliano in an erratic hand in hand from the Argentine striker, who was done at night against Martín. And, of course, Betis took advantage of those present to make a suit for the rival. The tailor was Loren, whose long-distance missile caught Cristian by surprise after a loss by Francho. The goal, as beautiful as it was avoidable, seemed to end the trial with the bitter aftertaste of a result too severe for the merits of those from Carcedo, whose imprint on the team is already clear.

But this Zaragoza has been making it clear all summer that surrender is not with him. As in Lérida, Tarragona or against the Saudi Al-Shabab, the Aragonese team pulled caste, clenched their teeth and fist and kept fighting. And, like then, he got the well-deserved reward for his courage. First was Petrović, who, with a hard and accurate shot from outside the area, closed the gap and fueled the hope of leaving the room with a better taste in his mouth. The Serbian, one of those who could leave the team to release wage bill, is still determined to prove his worth and his usefulness in a team that does not have a player with his characteristics. In Malaga, his performance was again more than worthy.

Die killing

The game entered its final phase with Zaragoza grown and Betis in a hurry. Pellegrini, who had not refreshed the team as much as his colleague, accumulated instructions to his team with the aim of retaining the first victory of the preseason and banishing possible doubts and nerves. But Zaragoza was willing to die killing and went straight for the jugular of their powerful opponent. He did it from the right, from where sweetbread, very active and intelligent, found Francho in an inside pass that left the youth squad near the baseline. His cross went to Giuliano who, after a feint, beat Martin with a lethal shot that hit the right post.

The scoring debut of the Argentine unleashed Zaragoza, with blood in his eye and a bad face. Jair he scored in stoppage time, but the assistant saw offside. there wasn’t. Does not matter. There it is.

Real Zaragoza: Cristian Álvarez; Fran Gámez, French, Jair, Pep Chavarría; Vada, Manu Molina, Jaume Grau; Sergio Bermejo, Narvaez and Iván Azón. They also played: Eugeni, Mollejo, Francho, Simeone, Larrazábal, Puche, Nieto, Lluís López.

Real Betis: Rui Silva; Aitor Ruibal, Bartra, Edgar, Miranda; Paul, Saved; Rodri, Channels, Juanmi; and William Jose. They also played: Luiz Felipe, Dani Martín, Álex Moreno, Loren Morón, Joaquín, Luiz Enrique.

Referee: Quintero González (from Huelva).

Goals: 1-0, Juanmi (m. 61); 2-0, Loren (d. 81); 2-1, Petrovic (m. 83); 2-2, Simeone (d. 86).

Incidents: Pre-season friendly match, played at the Ciudad de Málaga Stadium.

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