Changes in the Overwatch 2 beta are generating a lot of controversy

Changes in the Overwatch 2 beta are generating a lot of controversy

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The changes to Mercy seem to make her more clumsy in her jump.

The history of Overwatch has undergone a series of changes since its launch in 2016. Ultimately, Blizzard, the company responsible for it, has done an exhaustive job to grow the player community as the years go by. One of the main events that made this multiplayer popular was its anniversary, a fact that encouraged thousands of users to try the game.

Some of the changes in Overwatch 2

Of course, one of the strengths of the installment is based on the maps, since it supports scenarios that, linked to the narrative, create an immersive experience. even the shooter has greatly expanded its maps in Overwatch 2 and the result is impressive.

With Overwatch 2 we confirm that Blizzard made it a priority to refine even the smallest detail in the shooter in terms of graphics. Basically the developers took care of the scenarios, as the axis that gives greater depth to the game experience. And these changes are very noticeable compared to its predecessor.

On the other hand, one of the main characteristics of this second installment is that now there is more coverage to reallocate tank slots. Also another of the most interesting changes is that the new day and night cycles add realism to the landscapes, in addition to their respective difficulty (which is already subject to change by the user). Thus, the design has given a great touch to Overwatch 2’s four new PvP maps.

But, as expected, there have also been changes outside the spaces. Among them, the shooter team has reassigned characteristics in terms of the roles of the support characters. And the conclusions about these changes in the kit were overwhelming. In the case of the heroes that were modified, such as Ana or Zenyatta, there were notable improvements, while statistically they have achieved more victories and a more solid presence.

And, on the contrary, we have Mercy, who has received her respective criticism. First, Blizzard has taken on the task of giving the most basic healer on the squad much easier mobility.. In what way? The answer is even ironic: making his super jump technique difficult enough for an average player to use during a match.


Mercy’s new abilities in Overwatch

In view of the above, the Overwatch developers raised a new possibility for Mercy and that is to use a different strategy so that the character can be easier to use for new users.

Considering that One of the main parts of Mercy’s kit that made her a much more interesting character was her Guardian Angel ability. (which allows you to fly more than 30 meters to a partner quickly), everything seems to indicate that it will no longer be this way. She will now be automatically thrown upwards and for a considerable distance range, and a cancel animation that she used to achieve a large vertical boost has been removed.

This means that, in the latest beta Blizzard redoubled efforts to make it more accessiblebut he focused so much on it, that now he has a clumsy and uncontrollable ability because, as we mentioned, he jumps automatically and once performed, the action cannot be canceled.

In fact, it is not the only Blizzard has also modified the Angelic Descent, which means you can slow down by holding down the move input. In the developer’s words: “This means you can buffer vertical hits (like Junkrat’s concussive mine) but also reduce the amount of height that GA’s vertical boost gives you.”

There are many changes that helped Overwatch’s second installment gain some popularity, however, the fan reaction to Mercy’s mods is clear. Disgust was evident as they discussed their changes in general. Of course, players say healer feels much harder to play nowlosing part of its essence.

Of course, we would have to wait to see if the change will be maintained. Although Blizzard has not positioned itself in the face of criticism. For now, they are likely to focus on the “process of change, discovery, analysis and change is an endless cycle of balance” and reiterate their commitment after the company’s fragmented career.

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