Live A Live is the title that was ahead of its time and you should try it

Live A Live is the title that was ahead of its time and you should try it

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Super Nintendo was the first console I owned. I was barely 5-6 years old when “Santa Claus” left it on the Christmas tree. At that time I had heard little or nothing about consoles, I was playing with dolls, pogs and little else. That gift changed my life, not only because it was the beginning for Areajugones to exist today, but also because I began to discover a magnificent console that had games capable of making me fall in love.

Illusion of Time, Secret of Evermore, Terranigmathe list of quality RPGs on that console was overwhelming. For me they were incredible stories, like the ones my parents told me a few years ago before I went to sleep.. But now I had the chance to experience them on that console. At that time, unfortunately, many games did not leave Japan; Live a Live was one of them, since the title was launched in 1994 in that territory without Americans or Europeans ever being able to enjoy it. Until today.

If Live a Live had set foot in Europe in the nineties today it would be in our minds as one of the great RPGs in history, Well, without a doubt, it was a game ahead of its time. Why? Very easy, Live a Live introduced us back then to an innovative combat system, gave turn-based combat a twist, mixing it with the possibility of moving around the battle board. In this way, even if we take a few turns, moving around the map totally changes the combat strategy. The success was recognized immediately, because later this formula was replicated and it was even expanded with the Tactics format titles.

In addition, unlike those RPGs in which the story unfolded only through the prism of a single character, this Live a Live allows us to enjoy different stories at different times, being able to experience each of them mixed or in the order that best suits us. She was ahead of her time.

Is Live a Live worth it?

Although I am going to give you my first impressions in this text, I assure you that There will be no better sensations than those that you yourself can extract by trying the free demo. You can go to the Nintendo eShop and download a demo that will allow you to try Live a Live on your Nintendo Switch and draw your own conclusions.

The distance range will be vital to carry out our attacks or to be safe from the enemy

Personally, until the embargo date for the analysis of Live a Live I can tell you very little. But it is necessary for you to get a broad idea of ​​what you can find. If you have read the introduction you can already intuit that we are in front of a remakean overhaul of the game that came to the SNES in 1994. The game is a RPG embedded within the HD-2D genre what a good result it is giving with recent works such as Octopath Traveler (indispensable) or the closest Triangle Strategy.

What are the main virtues of LIVE a Live?

  • Graphically it is a very nice game.which is greatly enjoyed thanks to that air of nostalgia
  • eight different storiesat different times, that we can play in the order we want, even being able to jump from one to another when we get tired.
  • As there are eight stories, there are for all kinds of audiences, but They are all very well told stories. and with the possibility of captivating us.
  • A turn-based combat system with the added twist of being able to move around the map. Innovative, fresh and dynamic.

At the moment I cannot and do not want to tell you much more until the analysis. But I must say that the first hours feel very fresh. In my case, the game has caught me quite strongly, and as happened to me with Octopath in its day, it is one of the games that is making me spend more hours in front of the console. It has an aura that if you get that “click” will have you trapped for a long time.

I also recommend the same again. As much as I can tell you, you can get rid of doubts thanks to the demo that you will find in the eShop, so I hope you go, try it and then if you want we can exchange opinions in the comments. Enjoy traveler.

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