Alonso, with a bad taste in his mouth after qualifying seventh at Silverstone

Alonso, with a bad taste in his mouth after qualifying seventh at Silverstone

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    Fernando Alonso qualified seventh in the 2022 British Grand Prix. The Asturian driver crossed the finish line first and could not surprise as he did in Canada, although he believes that this would be his position in the race if he had qualified higher.

    Alonso fails to repeat what happened in Canada

    The classification of the 2022 British Grand Prix was wet and it was a good time to see Fernando Alonso shine, since it has already been shown that in the rain he is capable of equaling the best times.

    Nothing could be further from the truth, the two-time world champion could not get past seventh position and was overtaken by both Hamilton and Norris, two drivers who he believes could have had more pace than them.

    The truth is that I have felt comfortable in the rain since Q1. We made it through with just one game and then in Q2 I felt comfortable too. In Q3 I I think we had more, I have been left with a slightly bittersweet taste in my mouth. We crossed the finish line first, we calculated it a bit wrong, I was a little surprised when I realized that we passed the first”Alonso declared to the DAZN F1 microphones.

    However, the Spanish driver does not see it as a bad starting position as he believes it is the real position of his car, and remembers how he dropped positions in Canada after qualifying in second position.

    “But it is what it is and in the end There are times when you classify well, like in Canada, and then you go back to your having qualified higher I think it would not have changed much for tomorrow because Russell or Hamilton will go faster tomorrow”Ferdinand continued.

    Does Alonso want rain for the race?

    The probability that we will see rain in tomorrow’s race is very low, so it is highly unlikely that we will see rain on Sunday at Silverstone.

    Still, when asked if he preferred a wet or dry race, Alonso remember that the drivers who went to Q3 would be at a tire disadvantage with those in Q2, so he prefers a dry race to even things out despite being able to have a higher pace in the wet.

    I would say yes I prefer rain, because it seems that we are a little more competitive to be in the top 5. But in the end those of us who entered Q3 used several more sets of tires and if it rains those who start behind have a certain advantage. So to even things out a bit in the dry, that’s finesaid to conclude the pilot of Alpine.

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