Rob, at home

Rob, at home

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He appeared in a pink shirt and greenish silk pants, too wide to be comfortable. As if it were the patio of his house, the Alcazaba de Badajoz, and in front of 8,000 friends who went to see him and hung up the ‘sold out’ sign at the Alcazaba Festival. I already said it Robert Iniesta, «concerts in Extremadura take on another meaning». He entered half an hour late, in fact he arrived almost 18 years late (his last concert was in 2004) but none of that mattered to his faithful, to those who feel as if it were theirswhen he moved from the side to the center of the stage and played the first chords.

There were people who had seen him at that concert with the band at the Viejo Vivero, others who had done it in other cities and those who had not yet been able to enjoy the live performances and music of this genius of Spanish and Extremaduran rock. From young to older, all of them left their throats, as if they couldn’t believe it, when their body was placed in front of the microphone and without saying a word, ‘Del time lost’ began to play.. “Good night everyone,” she snapped confidently to those friends who soon began to chant his name. “I hope you enjoy the night, do not miss anything, you are here and now is the time,” she continued when they left him.

Robe Iniesta concert in Badajoz. SANTIAGO GARCIA VILLEGAS

Without further ado, they went on to play ‘Above good and evil’ and people began to jump and raise their hands to the rhythm of the sound that resounded in that incomparable setting, the public was looking forward to that special party that they were going to experience. The performance of the musicians, outstanding. Álvaro Rodríguez on keyboard, Carlitos Pérez on violin, Alber Fuentes on drums, Lorenzo González on accompaniment and Woody Amores and David Lerman on guitar. All of them from Extremadura. Just before the start of the long-awaited concert, it was heard among the fans that “musically they have won a lot” and that they now had “a very peculiar sound”.

For a little over an hour the songs went by. ‘For being a pervert’, ‘The saddest song’ and the fifth time all the mobiles were on the air with flashlights, flashes, taking photos and videos to immortalize the first song played by Extremoduro with ‘Si te vas’. After the ecstasy the euphoria subsided a bit as they presented a new song entitled ‘A la shore del río’ and again a rush of feelings when they sang ‘Sucede’.

Robe playing with the band at the Alcazaba. SANTIAGO GARCIA VILLEGAS

Around 00.00 hours there was a half hour break so that both the band and the public would gain strength for what was to come for the second part. But before starting there was a moment to launch a naturalist message through the organization AMUS (Action for the Wild World) and two owls were released.

Back to the music Robe shook the 8,000 gathered with ‘Mayeútica’ and with Extremoduro’s classics ‘Jesucristo García’, ‘Puta’ and ‘Ama, ama, ama and widens the soul’ to close in style, almost at 02:30, a unique experience for his followers, which is what he intended.

For Fran Montero was spectacular and was “very very good”. He was not expected to sing the older songs and “the truth is that the guy worked it out.” Paco Gallardo arrived with his Robe shirt from Jerez de los Caballeros to add to his experiences another concert by “the best rock band in Spain”. For Covadonga Palomo and Isabel María Carretero the desire to hear it was very high and the former would have liked them to play ‘La vereda de la puerta de back’.

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