Cinco Estrellas Club activates a new strategy to relaunch the company

Cinco Estrellas Club activates a new strategy to relaunch the company

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30 years after its birth, and already in the hands of the second generation, Cinco Estrellas Club launches a new strategy to relaunch and reposition the company in the market. The most visible action is his new corporate imagebut behind there is a cultural and organizational change. The company is thus preparing to increase its sales between 30 and 40% this year, compared to 2022, which was already a good year, according to Virginia Blasco, CEO of the company.

The pandemic has meant a before and after for this tour operator, which defends its proximity to the market and its independencein an environment of increasing concentration.

In recent years, especially after the health crisis, the market has changed and so has the customer, which has prompted Cinco Estrellas Club to change your strategy to adapt to new circumstances. You have designed a strategic plan that plans your growth for the next five years under a new efficient and sustainable business model.

The new corporate identity is a evolution of the 5EstrellasClub brand to Cinco Estrellas Club, “fresher and in keeping with the times,” according to the company. At the same time that it intends to put an end to the confusion that its name has sometimes generated, as indicated by Julián Plana, commercial director.

The wholesaler changes the emblematic stars that have accompanied it for more than 30 years for a more modern, attractive and minimalist isotype, and for a brand name that aspires to conquer the traveling community.

The transformation also affects the trade policies Yet the technology and includes a new marketing and communication plan. An important technological bet has been carried out, in order to offer the travel agency a more useful tool, as well as to facilitate the integration with OTAs, with whom they did not work until now. The new website facilitates the purchase 100% on-lineas well as the management of reservations and budgets.

Cinco Estrellas Club presented its new strategy yesterday in Madrid, with the presence of Julián Plana, commercial director -from left to right-; Luis Blasco, partner and head of the financial area; Virginia Blasco, CEO; Juan Barjau, Director of Strategy and Business Development; and Julia Notario, head of marketing.

triple sales

Regarding the results of the past year, Virginia Blasco, highlighted that, after the lack of activity in the years of the pandemic, in 2022 sales tripled compared to 2019 and they expect an increase of between 30 and 40% in 2023 over the last year.

Regarding operations and destinations, the wholesaler will continue to bet on special flights and charter operations in its star destinations: Egypt, Turkey and Jordan, where it will offer more than 10,000 additional places.

Virginia Blasco highlighted the Egyptian destination success in 2022so they have decided to maintain, until May 2024, the two charter flights a week that already operated last year.

It will also have personalized circuits to destinations such as Costa Rica, Cuba, Argentina or the United Arab Emirates. Likewise, the CEO of Cinco Estrellas Club, highlighted that, among the priorities for this year, is recover enclaves like Thailand, Vietnam or India, that have taken longer to take off after the pandemic.

On the other hand, he highlighted the return to fitur of the company with its own stand, after 15 years of absence. His last participation in the International Tourism Fair was in 2008.

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