The reason why Fernando Alonso divorces Alpine: Who will replace him?

The reason why Fernando Alonso divorces Alpine: Who will replace him?

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The Formula 1 continues to be the order of the day despite being in full summer break. When Sunday’s race ended in Hungary, we all thought we were going to rest for a couple of weeks from the premier class of motorsport, but apparently that’s not the case. These three days of August are being hectic but off the track, specifically, with the single-seater seats for next season.

Alonso leaves Alpine

The first bomb that has fallen in this month of August was the unexpected news that Alonso signed for the Aston Martin team with a three-year multi-year contract. The last hour about the Spanish driver left the entire motor world in a state of ‘shock’, since Fernando said before Sunday’s race that he would sit down to talk with Alpine during this summer break to decide his future, and the reality is that on this first day of vacation Alonso has already revealed that he will break with the French team at the end of the season. The negotiation has already finished and there is no turning back for the Spaniard to race again for the French team in the coming years.

The reason for the non-continuity of the ‘Nano’ is mainly due to the French team’s rejection of the contract years requested by the Spanish, which were more than one. Alpine just wanted to renew Alonso for a year and depending on the performance, continue with the two-time world champion for another year, without ensuring the pilot’s continuity at any time. Alonso did not like that, since from the team, and especially from the new team leader, Otmar Szafnauerthere has always been a special interest in the young driver Oscar Piastri, Formula 2 champion last year. Alpine, who had Piastri as a reserve driver for this season, had the Australian option in the bedroom to join his ranks at any time, and that Alonso didn’t like it either, he didn’t feel valued.

unexpected twist

Feeling loved is another reason why Alonso has left the French team. The first season with them was excellent and the progress obtained from him was encouraging to be able to achieve things this year and the following ones, since Alpine expected big changes with the new regulations. At the beginning of this campaign there was an unexpected turn in Alpine with the departure of the crew chief and race director, starring in the starts of David Brivio Y Budkowski, Marcin key men for Alonso’s return to F1. With the departure of the Alpine heavyweights, other people arrived who did not trust Alonso so much, and I refer to the evidence.

With the arrival of Otmar to the French team everything has changed, and for the worse. Not making it clear who was the first driver has led to certain clashes between Alonso and Ocon, which are later resolved by Otmar himself with a somewhat disproportionate yardstick. Otmar is happy with Ocon and dreams of having Piastri in his ranks, since the kid is showing signs of success after reigning in F2. After all, Alonso’s return to Alpine was not encouraged by Otmar, but by the former team bosses, and that casts doubt on both the team and the driver.

Otmar’s last

otmar he is not having one of his best seasons in F1. Following the news that Alonso was leaving Alpine at the end of the season, Alpine’s team manager made a statement about what happened. “I was very confident then that Fernando would continue with us, and that was said with integrity and honesty. It’s exactly what I believed at the time… We were in talks with Fernando for quite some time and were very, very close to finalizing the deal. “.

the leader He believed that the negotiations with Alonso were more than advanced and he took the Asturian’s continuity for granted, but when he learned of the decision to sign for another team, he was surprised by the news. In his statements after the bombing, Otmar said that he was unable to contact Alonso to explain why he was on a ship sailing the Hellenic seas. The Spanish pilot is in Oviedo with his family, since yesterday he posted two stories on Instagram demonstrating it and again leaving Otmar without credibility.

Who will take Alonso’s seat at Alpine?

This is proving to be the most complicated question to answer and even more so with what was experienced yesterday with the mess of piastri. One day after leaving Alonso, on Tuesday, August 2, Alpine released a statement making it official that Piastri will race for the French team in 2023. At first glance, everything seemed normal, it was expected, but as the minutes passed there was no reaction from the Australian driver about his new signing. The announcement of the signing in the middle of the night in Australia was already suspicious. An hour after Piastri’s signing became official, he ends up denying it.

What is surprising is that the young driver says that he will not race with Alpine in 2023, closing the door completely to the French team, which had two chairs and now sits on the ground. Returning to the question about who will occupy Alonso’s seat, names begin to appear, and the first is that of Daniel Ricciardo.

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McLaren he is not very happy with the pilot and they begin to look at the youth, among them Piastri, who apparently has an agreement with them in principle, hence the slam of the door on Alpine. After Ricciardo there are other alternatives, but with fewer options: the return of Hulkenberg or the bet on some young star like Nick de Vires.

Alpine He has been left without his two options, Piastri’s jump to F1 or Alonso’s continuity, and now they will have to get their act together to establish themselves with a driver who gives results, since the car begins to progress and the fact that they do not have a competitive pilot can slow down the progression.

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