Alberto Zapater, con la ilusión del primer día

Alberto Zapater, with the illusion of the first day

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As if from a youth who is beginning his sports career, the captain of Real Zaragoza, Alberto Zapater, begins the new course with the illusion of the first. The 37-year-old Ejean ends his contract this course but is reluctant to think that it will be his last. “I face the season with the feeling that I want to win another year. I think that is better than thinking that it is the last one. When we signed a 5-year contract when I came back, neither the club nor I thought we were going to get this far. It was a detail and a sign of affection, commitment and fidelity on their part, something not typical in football today. I appreciate that you continue to count on me and that think that I can still help”said the Ejean at a press conference.

With the start of the competition a month away, it’s time to start working to arrive as well prepared as possible for the first league match. “The start of the preseason and the first few weeks are always exciting. Being so old doesn’t stop you from having that feeling and that tingling. A friend of mine told me that it’s like going back to school and that’s how I feel”, acknowledges Zapater. “The first day you come back you have trouble sleeping, and I think that’s the beauty of it And it’s good,” he adds.

The Real Zaragoza captain believes that the first contact on the return to work is being positive. “These are days of suffering more than necessaryof thinking about the day to day, because we’re just around the corner”, he said. The Aragonese club begins a new project, with the change of owners and the arrival of Juan Carlos Carcedo on the bench. “He is a coach with a lot of experience who has been working for many years. This is a very important step in his career and he seems very excited.”. Surely he will be able to contribute and help us in many things”, affirmed the man from the Cinco Villas. Regarding Carcedo’s way of training, Zapater confessed that the level of demand is very high. “Changes are taking place, many things are different. The technician is a cane, the workload that we are having has been a long time since we had it. But there is a lot of desire to work. It is working hard and well“, recognized Zapater, who explained that he has some physical discomfortI’ve had a sore back for a couple of daysin an acute phase. Although it has happened to me more times, I have experience and we have it under control.”

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What never changes at Real Zaragoza is the commitment of the fans to the team, with almost 20,000 subscribers Already in the first week of campaign. “The greatest strength of this club is the fans. I always say that Zaragoza will be what its people want. No one takes that social mass away from us and makes us different. It is appreciated and we have to try to give it back on the field”, said the captain.

The captain of Real Zaragoza, during the press conference ANDREEA VORNICU

Zapater also spoke about the preparation of the squad for this season, in which, by number, there are several names left over from those who are training on their return to work. “I have my opinion, but those who are there now are my teammates. I do not know what is going to happen. I have been through their situation and that they talk about you is not pleasant. We are all footballers and we know what these months are like. Those who stay I know they will add and those who come, too. I am not the sports director and what they decide will be the best for the club“, analyzed the midfielder. Precisely from the newcomers the Ejean had a few words: “I tell them not to promise anything more than work, effort and give everything for the shirt. I don’t like to talk about others, I prefer that you see it, but My first impression is very good, I like what I see. You can see Guliano’s desire from the first minute of training“.

The captain of Real Zaragoza is already looking forward to the start of the competition. “Starting well helps, although we know how long the Second is. There are changes, a good property has come and we know how demanding it is to wear this shirt, the history and those 19,000 subscribers. We are aware of how difficult it is, that we have to go little by little, that it is very long, we are going to work to start well and to make it this year “assured a Zapater who ended up recalling how excited he is about the new beginning: “I still have the tingling. As long as that flame is there, plus the physique, I would like to continue. Then time will tell We’ll see how the year goes.”

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