The Albacete Bullfighting Fair 2022 makes its posters official

The Albacete Bullfighting Fair 2022 makes its posters official

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This Thursday the official posters of the Albacete Bullfighting Fair were presented at the Teatro Circo.

Much earlier than usual, bullfighting fans in Albacete and throughout Spain have been able to see the official posters of the most important Bullfighting Fair in September and one of those marked in red on the calendar by bullfighting professionals and fans from all over the country.

Albacete, land of bulls and bullfighters

The Albacete Bullfighting Fair 2022 is already a reality and on the afternoon of this Thursday, June 30, the UTE Casas – Amador presented the combinations of bullfighters and ranches that will make the paseo and will be fought on the albero of Feria street.

The posters of the Bullfighting Fair of Albacete 2022 are the following:

Bullfight 100% from Albacete

Bulls of El Montecillo for Andrés Palacios, Miguel Tendero and Diego Carretero

heifer minced

Steers from Los Chospes for Cristian Pérez, Alejandro Peñaranda and Lalo de María


Bulls from Fuente Ymbro for Antonio Ferrera, Juan Leal and Álvaro Lorenzo


Bulls by Fermín Bohorquez for Lea Vicens, Juan Manuel Manera and Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza

heifer minced

Steers from Montealto for Víctor Hernández, José Fernando Molina and Álvaro Alarcón

rancher challenge

Bulls from Victoriano del Río Toros de Cortés and Juan Pedro Domecq for El Fandi, Manzanares and Cayetano

rancher challenge

Bulls of Samuel Flores and Domingo Hernández for Morante de la Puebla, Paco Ureña and Ángel Téllez


Bulls led by Daniel Ruiz for El Juli, Roca Rey and José Fernando Molina, who will take the alternative

mixed race

Toros de los Espartales for Diego Ventura and Pandilla for Talavante and Sergio Serrano

Hand to hand

Bulls by Victorino Martín for Rubén Pinar and Sergio Serrano

New gala to present the Bullfighting Fair of Albacete

The presentation of the posters has been made through a novel gala and according to the category of the Albacete bullring within the bullfighting scene, which aimed to introduce and provide Bullfighting with the cultural character adhered to in the city of La Mancha.

This presentation ceremony was accompanied by a gala that was attended by the authorities, institutions and representative associations of the city, in which some of the bullfighters and matadors announced at the fair also attended.

In said gala, awards were also given to professional careers and historical milestones that occurred in the Albacete bullring.

Manuel Amador took the floor

Manuel Amador, one of the businessmen of the Plaza de Toros de Albacete together with Simón Casas, indicated that “it will be a top-class fair and that is why we have presented it at the Teatro Circo, since doing it in a jewel like this is a luxury ”.

The man from Albacete added that “there are many hours of work and difficulties that it takes to prepare a Bullfighting Fair like the one in Albacete and I don’t want to forget what it cost to do it with last year’s due to everything that the pandemic entailed. Albacete was not left without bulls and we obtained great results. There will never be a fair with so many difficulties and I will not forget what it cost Simón Casas and me to be able to organize it”.

Manuel Amador also expressed that “the one in 2022 will be a ‘Ferión’ and I want to highlight the role played by fans, subscribers and anyone who comes to the Albacete Bullring every afternoon to buy a ticket”.

The businessman ended by saying that “it is a difficult year for me after the death of my father and it will be very difficult for me to enter the square every afternoon, but I am sure my father will be watching me and I hope he feels proud.”

Simon Casas

Simón Casas, a businessman from the Plaza de Toros de Albacete together with Manuel Amador, stated that “no figure is missing and I think it is a great Fair. It is an honor for me to be able to work with Manuel Amador, because he has passion, dedication and great respect for the fans. He will be a great businessman, a figure of the business community”.

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