Next stop: 'Bullet Train' and the best movies with trains

Next stop: ‘Bullet Train’ and the best movies with trains

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At 58 years old, Brad Pitt he plans to face the last stage of his career. This is how he commented in an interview for GQ a few weeks ago. What can be expected is that this last section will be as long as possible and, at least for now, it does not look particularly calm either. His next film to be released is Bullet Traina full-throttle action-comedy aboard one of Japan’s well-known high-speed bullet trains and that will arrive in our theaters on August 5.

The person in charge behind the cameras that his character does not have too many occasions to relax has been David Leitchof Atomic, Deadpool 2, Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw and, uncredited, in John Wick. and that in addition has been several times Pitt’s stunt double.

It will be a long journey between Tokyo and Morioka, almost non-stop, in which Ladybug (the nickname of the character played by Pitt), a hired killer who is also tired and wants to retire, receive a new mission with a mysterious suitcase as macguffin and that will make him face a good handful of criminals who don’t take it easy when it comes to doing their job.

Among these unreliable passengers are the rapper bad bunnyalso Joey King like a psychopath disguised as a collegiate, Brian Tyree Henry embodying two twins, Andrew Kōji to a warrior and Aaron Taylor Johnson to another of the deadly criminals, in a cast rounded off by the presence of Sandra Bullock Y Zazie Beetz.

Yes Bullet Train promises to bring back the fun, surprising, action-packed spirit of the John Wick universe, or the John Wick movies. Tarantino Y Guy Ritchie, there are not a few films that have largely set their plot between rails and wagons, whether inside, outside or even on top. From the silent film with the short Assault and robbery of a train (1903) to Buster Keaton’s brilliant physical comedy with The driver of La General (1926), the thrillers of the master Hitchcock as Alarm on the express (1938), or situating ourselves in the middle of the Second World War in Colonel Von Ryan (1965).

Especially productive were the seventies with titles like Cassandra’s Bridge transporting passengers and a contagious virus or the intrigue with humor of the chicago express (both 1976) with Gene Wilder, the classic Pelham 1, 2, 3 (1974) taking place in the New York subway or the Spanish co-production Panic on the Trans-Siberian (1972) in which the Granada-born Eugenio Martin had the luxury of directing two monsters of the horror genre such as Peter Gushing and Christopher Lee. And, returning to more current proposals, Robert Zemeckis turned Tom Hanks into a CGI character in the animated feature film The Polar Expresswhile Tony Scott put Denzel Washington and Chris Pine on a speeding railway in the adrenaline rush Unstoppable (2010).

Are the inconveniences or Advantages of traveling by trainlike the title of the remarkable adaptation of the novel by Antonio Orejudo what did you do Aritz Moreno in 2019. A succession of stories each one more strange and bizarre and two passengers on a train as a link. Ultimately, it was all about the art of storytelling..


‘Strangers on a Train’ (1951)

Farley Granger and Robert Walker in ‘Strangers on a Train’
Warner Bros.

Two unrelated strangers and a proposition for each of them to kill the person who stands in the way of their plans, a father and a wife respectively. In his search for the perfect crime, and the mechanisms to thwart it, Hitchcock dedicated the title and the opening and closing scenes of one of his best-known thrillers to him. Robert Walker played the villain and Farley Granger to his skeptical and frightened partner.

‘The Train’ (1964)

Burt Lancaster and Paul Scofield in 'The Train'
Burt Lancaster and Paul Scofield in ‘The Train’
United Artists

Among the atrocities of the Nazis during World War II was also the looting of works of art. Based on true events, during the occupation in France, an inspired John Frankenheimer directed this classic that is at the same time a thriller, a drama, a war movie and an action movie, all perfectly combined and with burt lancaster Y Jeanne Moreau among its protagonists.

‘The Emperor of the North’ (1973)

Lee Marvin in 'The Emperor of the North'
Lee Marvin in ‘The Emperor of the North’
20th Century Studios

Based on the novel by Jack London and set during the Great American Depression, Robert Aldrich led a memorable duel to the death between the vagabond who embodied Lee Marvina specialist in breaking into railways to travel the length and breadth of the nation, and the despotic character of Ernest Borgninthe head of a convoy willing to do anything as long as no one travels for free.

‘Murder on the Orient Express’ (1974 / 2017)

Kenenth Branagh in 'Murder on the Orient Express'
Kenenth Branagh in ‘Murder on the Orient Express’
20th Century Studios

The 1970s version, directed by Sidney Lumetis the best of the adaptations of the novels of the detective Hercule Poirot written by Christie Agathabeside death on the nile of 1978. And the British Kenneth Brangh took over the most recent update of this whodunit, with numerous suspects. Both also had casts full of well-known names.

‘Source Code’ (2011)

Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan in 'Source Code'
Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan in ‘Source Code’

One of the best examples of stories with time loops. brought it to us Duncan Jonesafter also debuting with the science-fiction of Moonand starred in it Jake Gyllenhaal like a soldier immersed in a government experiment to try to prevent, on board a train, a fateful terrorist attack. michelle monaghan embodied the main female character.

‘Snowbreaker (Snowpiercer, 2013)’

'Snowpiercer (Snowbreaker)'
‘Snowpiercer (Snowbreaker)’
Stillking Films

Before becoming famous for sweeping the Oscars with parasitesthe south korean bong joon-ho It took us to a post-apocalyptic world in which the few survivors of a global climatic catastrophe were traveling on the train that gives the film its title. Among them were Chris Evans and tilda swinton. A movie, and the graphic novel it was based on, which would later become a television series.

‘Train to Busan’ (2016)

'Train to Busan'
‘Train to Busan’
Next Entertainment World

And the most difficult yet. Travel aboard a zombie-infested train. South Korea has given us one of the best movies in the prolific undead genre and its director, Yeon Sang-ho, knew how to print a tense, frenetic and terrifying rhythm. In short, a cult title and reference. In April 2023 the inevitable premieres remake hollywood, Train to New York.

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