Chanel uncovers its star in Benidorm's music viewpoint

Chanel uncovers its star in Benidorm’s music viewpoint

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The winner of the Benidorm Fest 2022 has closed the presentation day of the new edition of the Spanish preselection with the inauguration of his star on the new walk of fame in Benidorm. Chanel’s is the first of the stars that will be placed on the sidewalks of the city of Alicante. The next winners of the Spanish pre-selection will see their names embodied in front of Benidorm’s Poniente beach.

Chanel’s star at Benidorm’s Music Viewpoint

The newly released star of Chanel occupies a privileged position in the city of Alicante, the viewpoint of musica space that has been inaugurated by the representative of Spain in Eurovision 2022 and the dancers of “SloMo”, Pol Soto, Exon Arcos, Josh Huerta, Raquel Caurín and María Pérez. The viewpoint is a space that pays tribute to artists and musicians that have ever sung in the city of Alicante. The mayor of Benidorm, Antonio Pérez, pointed out that music has been very important for the city of Alicante: “Thanks to music, the world was able to get to know Benidorm and put it on the map”.

But the viewpoint and the star has not been the only thing that has been inaugurated in Benidorm. To pay homage to the historic Benidorm Festival (1959-1971) and Benidorm Fest (2022-), Two sculptures have been presented: the Little Mermaid in Gold and the Bronze Microphone, the trophies that the winners of both festivals received in their day. Chanel Terrero wanted to thank the city of Benidorm for the beautiful tribute: “Thank you for supporting music. I hope and wish to see this full of stars and winners of the Benidorm Fest”, said the singer.

The colloquium of the artists in Benidorm Fest Chill Out

An hour earlier, at seven in the evening, the Benidorm Fest Chill Out, a round table led by María Eizaguirre, Director of Communication and Participation of RTVE, and Eva Mora, head of the Spanish delegation at Eurovision. Some of the participants of the first edition of the Benidorm Fest have participated in it, such as Blanca Paloma, Xeinn, Marta Sango, Sara Deop and Matt of the Unique group.

Benidorm Fest – Benidorm Fest Chill Out

In this space in front of one of the skyline known in the world, the experience of the artists during their time at Benidorm Fest 2022 has been discussed and recalled. The contestants of the first edition have also encouraged the artists to present themselves next year and try to represent Spain at the festival: “Whoever wants to come, go but responsibly. It’s a huge stage, and you have to know that it’s television. Prepare yourself psychologically because it will change your life“, has said White Dove. Finally, they have also talked about future expectations and their new musical projects. Sara Deop, Marta Sango and Xeinn have commented that they are already working on new music.

The group Varry Bravawho also participated in the Benidorm Fest, has enlivened the talk singing “Hortera” and “Raffaella”, the theme with which they participated last January in the Spanish pre-selection. The duo Keunam & Hernoti have wanted to pay tribute to the songs of the Benidorm FesT 2022 with a very special mash up that mixed the great successes of the Alicante event.

Another of the performances of the afternoon has starred White Dove. The one from Elche has presented us its new song for the first time “Nacre Feathers”An interpretation that has moved the public that has not stopped applauding her.

The event ended with the presence of the major falleras of Benidorm on the stage of the event that they have not been able to contain their tears and emotion upon meeting Chanel.

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