This GameBoy Looks Like It's From An Alternate Universe, But It's Just Awesome

This GameBoy Looks Like It’s From An Alternate Universe, But It’s Just Awesome

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It’s really just a reimagining created in London by an electronics artist, but it might as well have been that prototype that Nintendo never dared to release.

We do not know if one day this was in the imaginary of Nintendobut the truth is that the community of users and developers always pushes the possibilities of our favorite devices to the limit, now with the game boy of the Japanese as the involuntary protagonist of an absolutely brilliant design exercise.

It has done a London handyman who calls himself Obirux and defines itself as “an artist who builds unique playable works”building what looks like a Game Boy Advance without the Advance, well it’s actually a classic Game Boy rebuilt in a wide format which almost seems more comfortable and harmonious than the design originally chosen by Nintendo.

Obirux's Nintendo Game Boy 'Wide'

The Nintendo Game Boy ‘Wide’ created by Obirux.

As the colleagues from Gizmodo and The Verge told us, which is where we have seen Obirux’s invention, the reconstruction is complete although maintaining the original aesthetic language of 1989reorienting all components so that handling is horizontal as in the SEGA Game Gear, the aforementioned Game Boy Advance or the Sony PSPamong other portable consoles, and even as in the current Nintendo Switch.

Also, to nod to the original creation of Minato’s company, which coded the model as the Nintendo Game Boy DMG-01, the creator has named it as Game Boy DMG-0B following that acronym of Dot Matrix Game with which the Japanese defined their first portable consoles, referring to their screen with a matrix of pixels.

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Obirux himself has uploaded a video to YouTube showing his design exercise with the most classic Game Boy, and even on his website we can find a list of everything that has been included in this modwhich unfortunately required sacrifice two original Game Boy shells with a little extra plastic, touch-ups and paint.

For its part, the original screen and PCB board have been replaced for some modified for the occasion, which leave room for a better IPS panel to modernize the hardware a bit by offering a much clearer picture and even backlightingdoing a job of logical use of the technological evolution experienced in all these years.

In addition, this new screen can generate different shades of color, which allows for a semi-colored look within that characteristic green palette reminiscent of the screen dotmatrix from 1989.

Another important improvement has been the replacement of the huge standard AA battery pack, installing instead a lithium-ion battery that saves space and improves autonomyavoiding in passing that we have to be changing the batteries every so often with the expense that this entails.

Obirux's Nintendo Game Boy 'Wide'

The original Game Boy on the left, and Obirux’s brand new redesign on the right.

The buttons have been repositioned as well into comfortable positions to the left and right of the panel, moving all auxiliary ports and keypads, including one more power connector retro of type Jack or barrelwhich unfortunately will mean that we will not be able to charge this console with a standard USB type-C.

Like other Obirux creations, this Game Boy from an alternate universe it is for sale on their website although “sold out”so you will not be able to have it at least for now. We don’t know its price either.although these Obirux creations are usually quite expensive.

Molar is pretty cool, but let’s see who dares to spend more than 500 dollars on a redesigned classic Game Boy…

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