8-5.  A very serious Spain finishes fifth in the World Cup in Budapest

8-5. A very serious Spain finishes fifth in the World Cup in Budapest

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The Spanish women’s water polo team is over fifth in the World Cup in Budapest after defeating this Saturday by 8-5 to Australia in his last game. Spain has maintained the good reaction shown against France after the defeat in the quarterfinals against the United States and, despite the fact that it has not been able to be in the fight for the medals, it leaves Hungary with its fourth best performance ever in a World Cup , after the gold of Barcelona 2013 and the silvers in the last editions of Budapest 2017 and Gwangju 2019.

Spain has signed a very serious game, both in attack and defence. In this especially has left Australia 2/8 in superiority, after an initial 0/5 and two options converted by the oceanic already in the last quarter. Those of Oca have signed a good 5/8 in their statistics and have pressed from behind to set the pace of a game in which they have always been ahead. Paula Leiton and Maica Garcia they did have options at the buoy and, with two goals each, the same ones they have added Elena Ruizhave led the Spanish team.

It was Judith Forca who assumed responsibility for the first Spanish attempts, albeit without success. Meanwhile, Australia had their option after an expulsion of Bea Ortiz that ended with a good save by Laura Ester. Spain began to grow in defense and attack. A great inside pass from Anni Espar to Paula Leiton It caused a great reversal of the egarense that became 1-0. It didn’t take long for the second to arrive, in superiority after a good frontal shot from Elena Ruiz. Spain even had its option for 3-0 in a shot by Maica García that stayed right on the goal line.

With that 2-0 the second set started. She had the option of scoring the third Anni Espar in a penalty that Palm saved, first, and in a Vaseline that crashed into the crossbar, later. The game entered an exchange of sticks, with Forca and the Australians in the last seconds of a couple of possessions also as protagonists. With the defenses well established, the attacks did not find good launch options. At least until Elena Ruizwith a trademark whiplash, put a 3-0 that was quickly answered by Halligan in a front shot. Fasala and Bea Ortiz exchanged sticks again so that the game went 3-1 at halftime.

More distance in the third quarter

Spain tried to break it from the start in the third quarter with a long shot from Pili Pena which was deflected by an ‘aussie’ player to surprise Palm. Nevertheless, Abby Andrews He responded immediately from afar. Spain pressed then in defense to generate attacking options. A move in superiority allowed Maica Garcia push a great inside ball from two by Judith Forca. Minutes later, in a traced play, Bea Ortiz and Paula Leiton traced the situation for 6-2. Bea Ortiz, in a penalty that hit the crossbar, had the option of further increasing a lead that was comfortable for Spain with the last quarter remaining.

Australia squeezed him, but managed to hold Spain. A partial of 0-3 for the ‘aussies’, after two good uses of expulsion materialized by Kearns and by Ridge (the only two of eight totals for Australia in the match) and after a great inside ball that scored Arancini They placed a 6-5 start. Nevertheless, Judith Forca in a frontal shot he returned to Spain the +2. Judith herself had the sentence on a penalty kick saved by Palm, but Maica Garcia In superiority, he pushed the final 8-5 at the buoy to stop any hint of an Australian comeback.

Thus, Spain says goodbye with two victories in their last two meetings in Budapest, in the first of the two major championships that they will face this summer. He awaits the European Championship in Split at the end of August and, in the absence of seeing how the team is configured, the selection will arrive as the fifth best in the world.

match sheet

8-Spain: Laura Ester (p), Cristina Nogué, Anni Espar, Bea Ortiz, Nona Pérez, Irene González, Elena Ruiz (2), Pili Peña (1), Judith Forca (1), Paula Camus, Maica García (2), Paula Leitón (2) and Martina Terré (ps)
5-Australia: Gabriella Palm (l), Pascalle Casey, Tenealle Fasala, Bronte Halligan (1), Bridget Leeson-Smith, Abby Andrews (1), Charlize Andrews, Amy Ridge (1), Zoe Arancini (1), Lena Mihailovic, Tilly Kearns ( 1), Hayley Ballesty and Genevieve Longman (ps)
Partials: 2-0, 1-1, 3-1 and 2-3
Referees: Helene Painchaud (Canada) and Ivan Rakovic (Serbia). 8 expulsions for Spain and 11 for Australia (3 for penalties)
Incidents: Match for 5th and 6th place at the Budapest World Cup at the Alfred Hajos National Swimming Stadium

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