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Minion power! The empire of the yellow ‘bugs’ expands with a new film

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Running away from minions is like trying to hide from thin air. In WhatsApp memes, in invasive advertisements or in toy store merchandise, these yellow creatures do not escape anyone’s eye.

His arrival in the world was in the distant 2010, but above many other characters born in Hollywood, the yellow friends positioned themselves as a pop icon and this Thursday, June 30, will be released Minions: A Villain Is Born, his second solo tape.

For this long-awaited sequel, the story is about the first adventures between a young Gru and the aforementioned creatures.

It’s the 70’s and Gru grows up in a residential neighborhood, in the middle of boom of messy hairstyles and bell bottoms. As a die-hard fan of a notorious villainous supergroup called the “Wild Six,” Gru devises a plan to prove to them that he’s evil enough to work with them.

Luckily, he has the help of his loyal followers, the Minions, always ready to wreak havoc. Together, Kevin, Stuart, Bob, and Otto (a new Minion with braces on his teeth and desperate to feel accepted) will unleash his potential to build with Gru his first lair, experiment with his first weapons and carry out their first missions.

The marketing impression is that betting on minions films is like shooting the floor: there is no way to fail. With this new installment, in fact, the idea of ​​making a long list of movies about it may be consolidated, just as it happened with The ice Age.


My favorite villain It was the feature film that gave birth to these creatures. It was the first film from Illumination Entertainment, a Universal Studios animation studio founded in 2007 by Chris Meledandri, a former Disney and 20th Century Fox executive who was one of the main creative forces behind The ice Age.

That tape introduced us to Gru (played by the always beloved Steve Carell), an evil genius who in the midst of a midlife crisis decides to commit the crime of the century by stealing the Moon, showing his superiority against a younger rival. It is during the film’s plot that the supervillain adopts three orphans, finding love from a family he didn’t know he needed.

With Carell in the lead role, the film had all the signs of a box office success, but the creators were greatly surprised when, after the premiere of the film, its main attraction was not the renowned comedian, but his clumsy and hilarious minions known as the minions. His unexpected popularity led to the fact that in July 2012, a year before the premiere of My favourite villain 2the release of a movie focused on these characters will be announced for 2015, simply titled as Minions.

It was in that year that we experienced the greatest media saturation of these creatures, helped by a millionaire and powerful advertising campaign by Universal Studios. Along these lines, the yellow characters appeared on the Chinese Wall, on a historic Hollywood theater and even interrupting traffic in Dublin, Ireland, after an accident with a giant advertising balloon. Even at Universal Resort theme parks, an attraction was added about it.

The strategy paid off and Minions grossed a total of $1.159 million at the box office worldwide in 2015, making it the franchise’s most successful entry to date and ranking today as the fifth highest-grossing animated film of all time.

The profile of minions has also remained high, and a brand study by the National Research Group (NRG), published in 2019, noted that these characters are particularly popular in Latin America, Japan, and China.

In fact, the media exposure of the minions has been accompanied by a great expansion on the web, where these characters have become, as Shrek once did, the protagonists of countless memes. The Facebook page of the Minions has almost 33 million followers, twice as many as the page of My favorite villainwhile his Instagram account has 1.4 million fans.

Could it be that this new installment will offer us more memes? At first we would think so, because in good part there has resided the reign of creatures that nobody saw coming and that, at the same time, nobody wants to let go.

You can enjoy ‘Minions: A Villain Is Born’ at your favorite theater circuit. The first installment of this saga is available on HBO MAX. On the same platform is Despicable Me and My Favorite Villain 2.

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