'La Voz Kids' closed teams before 'battle' with the new advisers

‘La Voz Kids’ closed teams before ‘battle’ with the new advisers

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Sixty boys and girls have managed to enter The voice Kids. After six weeks of Auditions blind in which he had to select the best contestants, Aitana, David Bisbal, Sebastian Yatra Y Paul Lopez they have already completed their teams.

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Each one of the coaches now has 15 small candidates under their tutelage who have had the great fortune of accessing the talent show of Antenna 3in which an emotional moment was experienced this Friday with a speech of thanks from the Colombian singer.

There are several galas ahead – the first of them this Saturday – in which the advisors will arrive (Luis Fonsi, Evaluate Montaner, lola indigo Y Anthony Orozco), many of the contestants will be discarded and there will be some unexpected changes since the coaches can ‘steal’ in the teams of their opponents.

Team David Bisbal

After incorporating Pablo Hernández and Irene Priego, who conquered Bisbal with Come fly with me and Maybe, the team from Almería is as follows: Enrique Gabarre, Irene Molina, Naia Castro, Triana Jiménez, Anaïs Mardivirin, José David Giménez, Mara Ugalde, Blanca Miralles, Mario Argüello, Rubén Gómez, Gio García, Nayeli Ruiz and Christian Losada.

Team Pablo Lopez

The only place left over for Pablo López’s team was occupied by Ana Palomino, a Sevillian who covered Vivir, by Rozalén. His team looks like this: Alberto Guzmán, Aroa Salaño, Rodrigo Cuesta, María Arilla, Fran García, Rocío Domínguez, Carmen Alcalá, David Gil, Pol Calvo, Idaira Campaña, Antonio Cortés, Chloe Casugo, Daniela de los Ángeles and Marcella Mrvaljevich.

Aitana Team

Aitana arrived at the gala this Friday with three free places in her ‘team’. The triumphant girl tied Carlos higes, Luna Contador and Carmen Ranea, who join Marina Oliván, Sandra Valero, Claudia Santamaría, Emilio Díaz, Francheska Cruz, Naibeth Sánchez, Carla Pintor, Elia Camí, Marta Porris, Roberta Fauteck, Oihan Aristizabal and Sasha Matsiavina.

Team Sebastian Yatra

Yatra was the one who had chosen the fewest contestants, so this Friday he still had four free places. Venecia Franco, Paula Cañaveras, Guillermo Moreno and Lucía Aiaño were the last signings of the Colombian, who already had Macarena Estévez, Leonor Villalba, Mario Falero, Shariff Ardá, Paula Paredes, María Borja, Diego Pulido, Joel Tena, Zoe on his team. Medina, Lena Ilievska, and Jesus Lopez.

La Voz Kids will enter a new phase this Saturday

Antena 3’s talent show has doubled this week with a new gala that will be broadcast this Saturday. Now it is the turn of the Battles with the arrival of the advisors, who come into play to help the coaches in making decisions.

Luis Fonsi will form a team with David Bisbal, Evaluate Montaner will help Aitana, lola indigo will be the companion of Sebastián Yatra and Anthony Orozco will advise Pablo López.

Eva Gonzalez will step on the stage of the program at the start of this new phase. In Battles, talents will take the stage three at a time. Coaches will have the power to steal kids not saved by the other coach in stoppage time. However, each coach will only have two steals at this stage.

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