Messi, the great wish of Saudi Al Hilal

Messi, the great wish of Saudi Al Hilal

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After the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo a Saudi Arabiawith his recent signing by the al nassrthe next Saudi target is Leo Messi. The goal of the Saudi state is to open up to the world, increase the tourism that enters its borders and they are trying to do it through sports. His last bet, soccer. In this line, its main goal is to house the Soccer World Cup 2030 with a joint candidacy with Egypt and Greece. First, they need to increase the visibility of their league on the football planet and they want to do it through two great stars: Cristiano Ronaldo, already in Arabia, and Leo Messito whom they are going to tempt with a succulent offer.

In Saudi Arabia, rumors are growing that the Al HilalAl Nasser’s greatest rival, wants to get the services of Leo Messi and would be willing to make an offer of no less than 300 million dollars a year. A difficult amount to reject, although it remains to be seen if the Argentine would agree to move to a country with such different customs and such a complex climate in terms of temperatures.

In Arab countries, the Saudi soccer league is the most followed and best valued due to the enormous competition between its clubs and its level, especially the main teams from Riyadh and Jeddah. In the capital there is what is the main rivalry of the country: Al Hilal and Al Nassr. “It’s considered ‘El Clásico’ here. We call it ‘The Riyadh Derby’”, points a source to MD. they want to Messi to generate a followed rivalry throughout the world, but above all, to increase the level of the league and that the eyes of the entire planet look towards Saudi Arabia.

For this, the Saudi State would carry out a large part of the investment. As in the case of Cristiano, the only sponsor who appeared at the press conference for his presentation was ‘Visit Saudi’, shows how key the country was to achieve his signing, in this case, the formula would be similar. The Saudi state would help the al hilal with a large amount of money to be able to sign the current world champion with Argentina to continue improving their league with two stars of the stature of the two men who have dominated football in the last two decades.

Al Hilal would like to sign Messi now

They already have such a desire to be able to count on Messi in their league to foster that rivalry that Cristiano and Messi lived for a decade with Madrid and Barça, that they are even willing to put in the rest to try to convince Leo not only to sign , but do it right now!

And it is that the ambition of Al Hilal is also that the Argentine striker can be part of his team to play the Club World Cup, which this year will be held from February 1 to 11 in Rabat and Tangier. Hence, the Saudi club is willing to offer more than 300 million per season to the Argentine striker.

If Messi were willing to leave PSG now, Al Hilal would also have to negotiate with the Parisian club, since Leo has a contract until June 30 with PSG. It so happens that PSG visits Riyadh next week to play a friendly against a team between Al Nassr and Al Hilal, so the leaders of the Saudi club could take advantage of it to also start negotiations with those in charge of PSG. However, it should not be forgotten that the French club belongs to Qatar, a ‘rival’ country of Saudi Arabia, so it would be necessary to see if they are willing to let Leo leave before his contract ends, and more so to promote a league that competes with that of Qatar in the Asian Champions League.

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The relationship between Messi and Saudi Arabia

The relationship of Messi with Saudi Arabia it is no secret. The captain of Argentina world champion of 2022 is currently a Saudi tourism ambassador. “Lionel Messi wants you to unleash your inner thrill seeker and discover the unimaginable. Whether you travel to discover new things or old things”, can be read on the website of ‘Visit Saudi’, the country’s tourism office. On this website, different places that dazzled Lionel during his visits are listed.

A Messi He was seen for the first time exercising his position as tourist ambassador with a first trip to Jeddah in May 2022, a modern city within the Saudi context, a port, on the shores of the Red Sea and more advanced than other urban centers in the country. “This is not his first visit to the kingdom and it will not be his last,” Ahmed al-Khateeb said.Saudi Arabian Minister of Tourism on social media, welcoming Messi at King Abdulaziz International Airport.

Messi also promoted tourism in Saudi Arabia through his social networks by publishing a photograph of himself on a yacht watching the sunset. “Discovering the Red Sea #VisitSaudi”, she posted on Instagram with a ‘paid collaboration hashtag’ next to the tourism office. In addition, she was also with Princess Haifa Al-Saud, Deputy Minister of Tourism, walking through Jeddah. “I’m glad you were mesmerized by her essence, heritage and beauty, she expressed Haifa on Twitter.

Saudi Arabia is determined. He wants Messi in his league. The offer will come. The ball will then be in the Argentine’s court.

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