Titanic Artola-Mariezkurrena

Titanic Artola-Mariezkurrena

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After almost an hour and a half long gameof over 540 balls and unbearably hot – more than 35 degrees inside of LabritBenat Rezusta could not carry the message that I had sent Jon Mariezkurrena. It closed like this with a 16-22 the sanferminera fairwith victory suffered and worked for Inaki Artola (the substitute for Unai Laso, injured, throughout the fair) and a powerful Jon Mariezkurrena. The victory also broke six years of drought for Baiko in Labrit. The last winners of the Biscayan promoter’s fair had been Olaizola II-Albisu in 2016.

It was not an easy road that of Artola -who was playing his fourth game at the fair- and Mariezkurrena in the final of the San Fermin fair. They started as casualties for the money, doubled down to singles, and had a hesitant start to the game. They saw each other with a 6-3 and an 11-7. In that first time the blues were more fallones. It was not as catastrophic a start as the match against Jaka-Aranguren, but they did not transmit any security.

Meanwhile Altuna and Rezusta commanded. The magician from Akezketa scored the best goal of the entire fair at 9-7, when he pulled an unlikely hook out of his hat after a scuffle of shots and saves in which Altuna, Artola and Rezusta got involved.

However, the picture began to change from 11-8.


Mariezkurrena won that goal of a superb right hand that Rezusta did not take. From then on the blues insisted on drawing an arc over Jokin Altuna and loading all the task on Beñat Rezusta.

Jon Mariezkurrena, who had had a hesitant start to the match, it started to drop tow. From that moment on, his right hand functioned as in the first game of the fair. He got the ball out of his hand very easily, with speed, height and direction. He was not behind Iñaki Artola. The Gipuzkoan also released shrapnel with both arms. Little by little they were mining a Rezusta, who was piling up the work.

In in the midst of stifling heat, unbreathable, Altuna tried to oxygenate his defender with his underhand, but it was not enough. The blue machinery was a jackhammer on Rezusta. They insisted until they first left Altuna out of the game, and then until they marched the Bergara bomber, who ended up giving in.

A from 13 equals the final was completely blue, to the surprise of the chair. It was a triumph as titanic as it was deserved.

Mariezkurrena: “Winning this fair is a dream, I’m excited”

jon Mariezkurrena was once again the determining factor in the Labrit. Berriozar’s defender had such a good second half of the game that he catapulted to victory and, by the way, it made him the best pelota player at the fair. Jon was happy.

“I’m very happy. Despite making the occasional mistake in the first few goals, I have been loose on the field, not stressed at all and as we have been scoring some goals I have been dominating more easily in the rally. Between the two of us we have charged Beñat a lot, deactivating Jokin was what we had to do and that is how we have done it ”, he commented. “It has been a very tough game, it has demanded everything from us because they always put one more to good, not to fail. With the heat the legs did not follow us. but we have known how to suffer until we won”.

The defender was very happy. “Winning San Fermín is a dream, especially doing it in front of this crowd that cheers for you from time to time, I was moved”.


Fronton. Labrit. Ninth festival of the fair, ninth packed. Unbearable heat in the room, more than 35 degrees. Bustle and songs in the farewell of the fair.
Marker. 0-2, 5-2, 5-3, 6-3, 6-6, 7-6, 7-7, 11-7, 11-12, 12-12, 12-13, 13-13, 13- 18, 15-18, 15-20, 16-20 and 16-22.
Duration. 67:27 minutes.
balls. 541.
serves. 0 from Altuna, 2 from Artola.
so many facts. 5 from Altuna, 1 from Rezusta, 7 from Artola, 5 from Mariezkurrena.
so many lost. 3 from Altuna, 4 from Rezusta, 4 from Artola, 6 from Mariezkurrena.
Money. From double to single entry by Altuna-Rezusta.
Incidents. Jon Mariezkurrena was chosen as the best pelota player at the San Fermín 2022 fair.

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