This is the new 'La que se avecina': moving to a stately building and ten signings in season 13

This is the new ‘La que se avecina’: moving to a stately building and ten signings in season 13

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Renewed or die. And what has happened is the first: ‘La que se avecina’ begins a new stage in Mediaset and starts almost from scratch in his season 13, which is already being shot in Madrid. The chain has shown the first image of the new cast, led by veterans and new signings. However, the most substantial change has to do with the setting, something that its creators have already advanced. In the new episodes, the characters leave the suburbs and move into a stately new building.

As the group explains in a press release, after the end of last season, the residents of Mirador de Montepinar were expropriated of their homes. Thus they were forced to move to a central building located at 49 Contubernio Street (a nod to the name of the Caballero brothers’ production company).

In this building, the usual characters “will live with new neighbors, they will be amazed by the decisions of a president who directs the community with a firm hand and will live all sorts of adventures and misadventures with the particular sense of humor that characterizes them”, explains the string.

Jordi Sánchez, Nathalie Seseña, Pablo Chiapella, Carlos Areces, Luis Merlo, Fernando Tejero, Miren Ibarguren, Loles León, Petra Martínez, Eva Isanta, Nacho Guerreros, Ricardo Arroyo and Macarena Gómez make up the cast of the 13th installment of the series, at that Ten actors have been incorporated: Laura Gómez Lacueva (‘The People’), Félix Gómez (‘Carlos, King Emperor’), Carlos Chamarro (‘Gym Tony’), Mamen García (‘Ladies of (h)AMPA’), Margarita Asquerino (‘Entrevías’) , Inma Pérez Quirós (‘Preferably short people’), Álex Gadea (‘El secreto de Puente Viejo’), Elizabeth Larena (‘Tell me how it happened’), Jaime Riba and Álex Delacroix.

‘La que se avecina’ is an original creation by Alberto and Laura Caballero and Daniel Deorador, it is directed by Laura Caballero and has Alberto Caballero, Dani Deorador and Araceli Álvarez de Sotomayor in charge of its scripts.

The 13th season of ‘La que se avecina’ is produced by Mediaset España in collaboration with Contubernio Films. Directed by Laura Caballero and with Alberto Caballero, Dani Deorador and Araceli Álvarez de Sotomayor at the helm of its scripts, it will premiere exclusively on Prime Video before its free-to-air broadcast on Mediaset Spain.

The new building of ‘La que se avecina’

Two sets of 1,500 and 800 square meters, respectively, make up the main stages of ‘La que se avecina’ in its new stage. The houses of Contubernio 49 have been built on these sets, where the inhabitants of Mirador de Montepinar have established their residence. These locations are added to a large exterior decorated area that recreates the street where the property is located.

The new scenery represents a qualitative leap with respect to previous seasons, since the greater width of the spaces allows a greater variety of camera shots. In addition, the art team of the series has worked on a completely renewed aesthetic line and a housing design very adjusted to the personalities and life circumstances of each of the characters.

The singular inhabitants of Contubernio 49

Upon arriving at the Contubernio 49 building, the former residents of Mirador de Montepinar will meet and begin to live with the neighbors who are already living in the property:

The Guijarro Garmendia, a traditional family with values… and secrets

Greta Garmendia (Laura Gómez Lacueva) is a model neighbor who combines her profession as a pharmacist with the facets of mother of a teenager and president of the community of owners, who manages with an iron fist and without any opposition… until Antonio Recio leaves the jail. Unlike her husband, Esteban Guijarro (Carlos Chamarro), a tax inspector who shuns conflict, she is an armed woman with a hidden passion: video games.

Victoria Rafaela, the nobility in low hours

Classist and spendthrift, Victoria Rafaela Balmaseda de Unzeta y Téllez-Girón, Marchioness of Francavilla y Sacromonte (Mamen García), is a ruined aristocrat who has had to sell the floors of the building to survive. She is a sarcastic and hieratic woman who lives with Logi (Margarita Asquerino), assisted by her, who entered the service of her family when she was 15 years old and is the only person capable of putting up with her.

Noelia, the psychotic neighbor of the building

The youngest of the noble Balmaseda family of Unzeta and Téllez-Girón has not spoken to Victoria, her older sister, for four decades. After spending a long time admitted to a psychiatric center, Noelia (Inma Pérez Quirós), a deranged and disturbing woman, has recently returned to the building, where she barely interacts with the neighbors.

Alonso, a successful businessman

Separated and father of two children, Alonso (Álex Gadea) is a successful entrepreneur addicted to work. With an affable and conciliatory character, he begins an affair with Maite Figueroa, a relationship that is threatened when he gets joint custody of her two children.

Oscar Serra, the bon vivant of the building

Enjoying the pleasures that life offers you is the leitmotiv by Óscar Serra (Félix Gómez), a sought-after fashion photographer. Charismatic, seductive, wealthy and always surrounded by beautiful women, he becomes a reference for Amador Rivas. Both will strike up a friendship that will have disastrous consequences for the photographer.

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