5 Netflix, Amazon or HBO series recommended for this week

5 Netflix, Amazon or HBO series recommended for this week

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June has come to an end, but July promises to come loaded with new exciting series and seasons of lifelong ones. With the hangover from the end of stranger things Still, we delve into the new productions that arrive on the platforms this week, including a Spanish series of hbo max about a group of teenagers who run away from home for a road trip or the new action title of Chris Pratt from the hand of Amazon Prime Video.

Man vs. Bee – Netflix

to the good of Rowan Atkinson we hadn’t seen him since the last of Johnny English and the specials Red Nose of Four Weddings and a Funeral either Love ActuallySo much so that it was time to find out how one of the UK’s best comedians had emerged from the pandemic. And it seems that he has not left the house in all this time, but in his confinement he has been involved in a fierce battle against the worst being that one can find at this time: a bee. The one who gave life to the iconic mr bean gets back to its best comic version based on pure slapstick in this Netflix miniseries for the whole family.

The Boys: ‘Here comes a candle to light up your bed’ – Amazon Prime Video

The end of the great series is near, and in this week’s chapter we can see the great repercussions that the herogasm. Soldier Boy, Hughie Y Butcher they failed to capture Homelander, but at least they left him for the first time with fear in his body. Now the trio heads off in search of Mindstormanother of the superheroes who took a gamble on the character played by Jensen Acklesand it will be necessary to see if in their pursuit they do not end up colliding again with the leader of The Seven.

Hausen – HBO Max

For lovers of horror in haunted houses, the new German series from HBO Max has something prepared. After losing his mother, young Juri (Tristan Goebel) and his father Jaschek (Charlie Hubner) move into a dilapidated building complex, for which the producers went to shoot in a twenty-five-year-old abandoned East German hospital. In that inhospitable place they will be consumed by misery and mourning until the young man discovers that the death of his mother is not the only thing that is embittering them: the house in which they live has a life of its own and is taking over his Will. With the help of other neighbors who have also suffered the same problem, Juri will have to face the spell of her new home and rescue her father from torture.

The Final List – Amazon Prime Video

Many may remember The War of Tomorrow, the dystopian action film that Amazon released last year with Chris Pratt as the protagonist. That movie did so well that it is not surprising that the platform wanted to repeat the formula with the protagonist of Jurassic Worldonly in this case he is not a simple high school teacher predestined to save the world, but an agent of the Navy SEALs who manages to return home after suffering an ambush in which almost all of his team dies. But when the feeling of guilt begins to surface, this agent will begin to pull the thread until he discovers that a great conspiracy hangs over him.

How to Fuck Everything – HBO Max

“The plan is to have no plan. Without a fixed course, improvising…” This is how the new Spanish series from HBO Max is presented, the umpteenth television portrait of Generation Z that comes from the promising debutants Jaime Olias Y Paul Sanhermelando. In How To Fuck It All, a group of teens trick their parents into going on a road trip after their senior year trip is canceled at the last minute. Everyone is there to get rid of the thorn, to have fun and forget about high school. But Sunrisea somewhat lonely and shy girl who has joined to everyone’s surprise, has a reason that goes far beyond mere fun.

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