Review of Resident Evil - The Netflix series does not finish starting

Review of Resident Evil – The Netflix series does not finish starting

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resident Evil is one of the most complicated projects to adapt. It is not easy, in general, to translate the language of videogames into film or television. The Capcom series in particular has tons of narrative elements that cannot be transferred to movies or series because they depend on the player. From the first bars of the saga, with deliveries that have had their pluses and minuses after all, resident Evil has been built with a strong emergent narrative that forces the user to have to explore every corner to be able to know the details of the story that is being narrated while a handful of zombies or monsters lie in wait for us. This narrative embedded in the different levels, which comes to light thanks to the involvement of the player, cannot be captured in a feature film or in a series. There are then a couple of options. Or one distances oneself from the mother product to generate new stories. Or on the other hand you try to replicate what was seen on consoles and PC.

The curse of Resident Evil in the audiovisual. What’s up with this saga?

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City chose to try to follow blindly what is reproduced in Resident Evil 2 Y Resident Evil 3. A story that risked rather little and tried to walk safely by linking the base story of those two deliveries to some terrifying sequences with the hope of being able to transmit to the spectators the same sensations as when they take the control and get down to work with Leon, Claire or Jill. Although it is impossible for the emotions to be the same, the work of Johannes Roberts got by quite well from our point of view (or at least that of this humble editor). Roberts did the exact opposite of Paul W.S. Anderson: follow the original script more or less to the letter, adding some modifications so that it could work optimally on screen.

Netflix has opted for a path similar to that of Anderson and writes its own story based on certain concepts seen in resident Evil, but barely uses its characters, settings or features to build its eight episodes. In that sense, Andrew Dabb (creator of the fiction) is right so that the series is not strictly tied to a story that is already written. That allows your resident Evil can grow and evolve without any impediment and with new characters. Now, the problem is that even despite stealing only specific elements to be able to distance yourself from the original saga and create something new as a result of it, the result is still the same: zombies do not finish working in the audiovisual when they bear the name of resident Evil in the headline. It is like a kind of curse that few products have managed to survive by scraping the crossbar.

The digital effects are not one of the weak points of the project.

The new series of resident Evilin general terms, can be understood within a context far removed from video games as a product that try to honor the 28 days later by Danny Boylewith an apocalypse that has devastated the world but has left small groups of humans who must learn to live with these beings in order to survive. The same Army of the Dead by Zack Snyder raises similar concepts: some zombies that are differentiated by categories depending on their intelligence and characteristics, humans are aware that there is no salvation on a global scale and live with it and organizations (even sects) are created that divide those who have not been infected until now . If the series is studied from this angle, this resident Evil neither is it a nefarious product from which there is nothing to save. But unfortunately, not even with those does he manage to take flight too much.

The narrative is confusing and does not help the rhythm flow

The constant time jumps do not help the narrative to be dynamic and fluid, rather it hinders the process because it is extremely predictable and its mystery is water everywhere. Umbrella is here an organization that has contaminated the world due to the improper use of an antidepressant, and the protagonists are charged with the fact that their father, Wesker, cooperates directly with the origin of the virus that has turned more than half the world into brain-eaters. In the action scenes, on the other hand, I know that you can notice a certain affection. resident Evil it works well when it gets gory and violent and the guns are out for a ride. There is a sequence shot in particular (without spoiling) that refers to Resident Evil Vendetta what is a savagery. Worthy of applause if we were in Sitges (the reference to [REC] 3 is also gold).

resident Evil

The references cannot sustain the series, no matter how good they are.

The first season of resident Evil outside the animation has not finished curdling. Taking loose concepts from the video game has not finished working and for now Johannes Roberts still has to his credit the title of best live-action project in the franchise. If the series continues, the streaming giant needs to turn the concept around.

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