Pochettino: "It is a failure of fifty years, not only of the last season"

Pochettino: “It is a failure of fifty years, not only of the last season”

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The former PSG coach has granted an interview to Infobae, the first after leaving the Parisian club

Mauricio does not rule out directing Argentina in the future

Mauricio Pochettino spoke with Infobae and told for the first time his truth about his departure from PSG and the relationship with Messi, Mbappé and Neymar, among other topics. Both in 2021 and 2022, the Parisian team was eliminated from the Champions League, and that was what caused, in a way, his dismissal. The Argentine mentioned that: “It is clear that PSG’s project involves winning the Champions League and everything that is not winning the Champions League can always be considered a failure”. He also wanted to affirm that it is not a disappointment of the last season, but that “It’s a fifty-year flop, not just the last season.”

The ex technician was to the orders of the Parisian club for a year and a half, and has positively evaluated his time with the team. Pochettino wanted to emphasize that PSG’s objective is to win the Champions League, and that the fans do not value other competitions: “We this year we won the tenth title that is historically equal to Saint Étienne, the two teams that won the most titles in the French league”, and “I think it is greatly underestimated, no value is given, but of course, when you win it is an obligation and if you don’t win it it seems like it was a total disaster”.

The ex trainer also wanted to speak on the stir around the mbappe renewal: “I don’t think Kylian is the one who designed the new project. Those who rule, in this case the president, are the ones who would have thought that the most convenient thing was a new project in the club”.

Pochettino favorably highlighted working with players like Messi, Neymar or Mbappé, among others, and has stated that the Argentine star is “the best in the world”. In addition, he added that “Later it is clear that Mbappé is a candidate to be able to receive that crown. This Neymarwhich is also for me one of the best players in the world.” For Mauricio, sharing a dressing room with such important names “has been one of the most positive thingsthat of having been able to meet them and compete under those circumstances”.

The Argentine coach stated that he is calm and that he is assuming everything that he has had to live through. He now finds himself in a moment of progress, of evolving and of “make an analysis of everything that was the last year and a half at Paris Saint Germain”. He explained that he signed the termination of the contract one day before the start of the preseason, on July 3 or 4, and that “Right now it’s difficult because all the projects are closed”. Although now, due to family circumstances is not the time, does not rule out directing Argentina in the future.

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