The odyssey of Warner Bros. Discovery, the fall of HBO Max, and the rebirth of the DCEU?  |  tomatoes

The odyssey of Warner Bros. Discovery, the fall of HBO Max, and the rebirth of the DCEU? | tomatoes

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This week we were taken by surprise by the announcement that batgirl It won’t hit theaters or stream, and neither will the sequel to Scooby! – 40%. It was confirmed that both projects will not be released and that they will remain in that limbo indefinitely, so from the way everything is going it is clear that they do not plan to release them even though they have been completed. This news was just the beginning of an odyssey that affects those who work for the company in any field and the audience as such. Uncertainty will be the daily bread, at least for a while until everything calms down.

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A few hours after that shock, HBO Max users realized that several of the productions made specifically for this platform had disappeared. Among them is the remake The Witches – 45%, starring Anne Hathaway, as well as the most recent Moonshot – 67%, with Lana Condor and Cole Sprouse. In total, at least until that moment, there are six titles that vanished in a matter of seconds. This added to the cancellations is making subscribers think the worst, and that fans fear for their favorite series and movies.

From everything that has been said, it is clear to us that the decision comes from above with the intention of saving some money in this expensive merger of Warner Bros. with Discovery Channel, which is now known as Warner Bros. Discovery, and in what follows, which will be a complete restructuring. It had already been mentioned that something like this would happen last year, but the change began in April and it is only now that it is beginning to be felt. As the reports indicate, the budget of the canceled projects, which totals US$130 million, is what the company will try to recover.

WBD, an acronym by which Warner Bros. Discovery is known, will try to pass off the two films as a tax break in order to recoup the investment. This means that the studio can’t make any profit from them, so they won’t be able to sell or release them, which is also a sign that they will be left in the dark so they won’t be seen. Canceling two completed films, incidentally belonging to well-known intellectual properties, is already something that is unprecedented. That a streaming platform removes its original productions is something that has not been heard either and it sounds crazy.

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This is another in a series of moves Warner Bros. Discovery has been making since their merger, including a slew of TV series cancellations, and it doesn’t seem to be the end as more sweeping changes are set. TheWrap shared rumors about massive layoffs, where it is mentioned that 70 percent of HBO Max employees could lose their jobs. Said medium reported that after the series of changes, which began a few months ago, many began to look for new opportunities elsewhere because they do not feel safe there.

In addition, this new sense of the study to reduce costs does not look good, and could be a sad reality in the future. The CEO David Zaslav it has set out to save the company some $3 billion, an exorbitant amount that confirms that this is just the beginning of the restructuring that is taking place with the Warner Bros. Discovery merger. In the midst of all this, HBO Max could come out badly according to everything that is said, and because of that air of concern that surrounds this scenario.

In the first instance of the merger between companies, Zaslav confirmed that between the two they were going to spend a total of US$20 billion on content creation, far surpassing Netflix, Amazon and Disney. His plan was very ambitious and HBO Max was included, as he wanted to expand the platform and reach several hundred million subscribers. At the same time it was mentioned that he, too, was going to try to save US$3 billion by merging various sectors of the companies.

However, not everything mentioned would be fulfilled. Apparently there was a change of plans, which would not be a novelty for the company that owns the DC film and television franchise, and there are strong rumors that HBO Max has a short time to live. It’s ironic, considering it’s considered by many to be a better streaming platform than Netflix, which has lost subscribers but no more worrying signs of a possible demise. Any series in broadcast is in danger right now, and its clients know it, but this would be to reach a higher point in the restructuring that is being done.

Apparently, the intention of its executives is to have all possible content on a single platform that would become Discovery Plus. Not HBO Max, nor the name of HBO somewhere, but that of Discovery in this new facet. It is a name that, without a doubt, very few people associate with streaming, while HBO is a titan of paid television. Just by hearing it, many easily associate its name with quality at the level of narrative and production, which is perhaps something that is in the interests of the people who were involved with Discovery from the beginning.

It did not take long for this to be confirmed, not before finding new statements from David Zaslav that show that he is not careful when expressing himself about the work of those who made the films that were canceled. During the recent report to investors, shared the Thursday after the first news by Variety, the CEO obviously omitted that he will try to obtain a tax reduction for the films that will not come out, and rather destroyed the work of hundreds of people in the projects with the following declaration:

We’re not going to release a movie until it’s ready. We’re not going to put out a movie to make a fourth and we’re not going to put out a movie unless we believe in it.

In this way, the executive directs attention to something else, assuring that he never believed in these projects, as if investing US$130 million in two films was not important and there were no work teams behind them, doing their best to carry these stories. to the movies or streaming. But the facts do not allow him to completely divert attention from reality, since in the same report it was revealed that the conglomerate, that is, the two companies together, lost a huge sum of money.

Zaslav had mentioned that he will do his best to save the company some $3 billion soon, and now this makes a lot of sense when it is revealed that the amount they lost in the first four months was $3.4 billion. Thanks to this information we return to the original point, which is the fact that they threw the movies in the trash, and canceled many other projects for television, to lighten the load of what can be considered one of the biggest money losers in the medium. This failure has led the CEO to rethink things and there will be considerable change in the company.

This change will definitely include HBO Max, since the same report confirmed what many assumed: WarnerMedia’s streaming platform will merge with Discovery’s into a single service. This is going to have a new name, which has not been confirmed for now. We also don’t know what the new pricing scheme will be or if it will have a very attractive plan like HBO Max had when it came here. Undoubtedly, HBO-type content would add interest, although we could not say the same of that belonging to Discovery. Other productions may be canceled in this restructuring, which will include a “10-year plan” for the future of the DCEU according to what Zaslav stated. Whether it took this odyssey for the superhero franchise to finally find a blueprint to follow instead of throwing movies out at random, with a heavy dose of controversy in between, we’ll find out later.

What is left over in DC are interesting characters and narratives that engage the audience, but something that is still missing is someone who has clear ideas and can not only organize them but lead their team and get everyone on the same page. . The DCEU, or whatever name it goes by, has a lot going for it, but it’s still not finding who can bring out the best in the world of usually connected film franchises.

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