Aitor Ocio's daughter reappears with her father after the ban that had been imposed on her

Aitor Ocio’s daughter reappears with her father after the ban that had been imposed on her

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Aitor Leisure Y Laura Sanchez They had a relationship for five years, between 2004 and 2009. The fruit of that love story was born naya, the only daughter of both. With the breakup the problems began: although everything started by mutual agreement at first, things soon got complicated and the model and the footballer ended up immersed in a long court battle over the minor.

Laura Sánchez and Aitor Ocio: we tell you point by point their convulsive war for their daughter Naia

First about his custody, which ended up being held by Leisure, and then about his image on social networks, regarding which the justice also had to rule, forbidding her father to publish images of the young woman. Now, before turning sixteen, we have been able to to see Naia’s face again and how it has grown in this time.

Naia Ocio was born in 2006 and, after the separation of her parents, the justice determined that both would maintain joint custody of her. Years later, the athlete requested full custody of the girl, arguing that the model traveled a lot due to professional commitments and could not exercise her role as a mother while Naia and he lived in Bilbao, a situation that Laura has subsequently spoken about.

After years of litigation a judge agreed with Ocio. Sánchez would later manage to protect the image of her daughter, legally prohibiting Aitor from publishing her face on social networks. For some time now, the situation between the two has been calm and tranquil, according to the mannequin.

This is how Laura Sánchez has spoken about her current relationship with Aitor Ocio

This is how Laura Sánchez has spoken about her current relationship with Aitor Ocio

The footballer reflected in his day on the impossibility of publishing the face of his only daughter on social networks. “Everyone has the possibility to publish photos of my daughter, except me”, commented on Instagram last summer, emphasizing the paradox that the media and third parties could share snapshots of Naia. Aitor then announced the creation of a private profile in which to publish images together, and chose not to show her face on her main account, Naia always appearing from behind or with her face covered.

This is how Naia, the daughter of Aitor Ocio and Laura Sánchez, has grown: we see her face again

About Naia we know, from her mother’s statements, that she may be more inclined to follow her father’s career than that of the model. “She is very sporty, she is very good at playing football”, assured Laura a few months ago, confirming that she is federated and that she is a true “being of light”. Words in which he coincides with who her partner was: Aitor has said of her that she is hers, “all hers”, the most important person in her life, “a wonderful and precious little woman”.

But the last family plan of the former Athletic Bilbao defender has allowed his more than 120,000 followers on Instagram see Naia’s face again, who will turn sixteen in August. The Ocios have spent a few days on vacation in Ibiza, and, among other plans, they have spent time sailing, an occasion in which we have been able to see the whole family, and Naia posing with her cousins, her father, her aunt and her grandmother. The photograph shows her face uncovered, contrary to what the athlete had been doing.

Other relatives also appear in the image, such as Aitor’s mother, Paula Runai, whom he recently referred to in networks as his “companion, guide and reference”. Also her sister Amaia and her children, the soccer player’s nephews. Aitor is the oldest of three brothers, and shares with her two sisters, Amaia and Itziara very special bond on a personal level, but also professionally: they both work with him on the business projects he has embarked on after leaving football, running the sports center and spa run by the Ocio family.

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