The tropical superfood for weight loss that fights anemia and strengthens bones

The tropical superfood for weight loss that fights anemia and strengthens bones

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Superfoods have a large number of beneficial nutritional properties for our health. / PHOTOLIA

This type of multi-property product provides benefits for the body


When it comes to losing weight, there are no miracle diets or secret formulas. Nor does it help to obsess over the figure on the scale. The results of any change in your diet are not instant.

To lose a couple of kilos, it is not necessary to go through a restrictive diet because, surely, it will have a rebound effect as soon as you finish following it. The most effective way to burn fat has no secret beyond physical exercise and proper nutrition.

Having a healthy diet does not mean always consuming the same. You can eat healthy without being boring thanks to superfoods. These are highly recommended products to include in your daily life, as they have a large number of nutritional properties and are beneficial for our health. Our body will be strengthened if we include these products in our dishes. Some are better known, such as pine nuts, cashews, pistachios, truffles, black pepper, capers, lupins, parsley, loquat, walnuts, celery, pumpkin, leeks, lentils or spinach. , while other more exotic ones are starting to find a place in our recipes.

The low-calorie, iron-rich superfood that pampers the brain and protects eyesight

To follow a healthy and balanced diet, you must have these superfoods in your fridge or pantry. You can add them to your daily recipes and find a wide variety on the market. In addition, the options that exist are very wide, so you can choose them according to your tastes and, above all, the objective you want to achieve.

For example, you can include saramuyo in your diet, to reduce fatigue and keep your stomach flat; breva, which reduces cholesterol and firms the skin, tofu, which is good for losing weight, or rye, which helps prevent snacking between meals. The bimi is perfect for maintaining the figure and protecting against infections, while the alfalfa stops hair loss, puts an end to the feeling of heaviness and eliminates bad breath. Passion fruit works as a natural relaxant and stops the appearance of wrinkles and granola is perfect for not snacking between meals. Other recommended superfoods are tarwi to combat stress and cocona to combat anemia and have energy. Nor can cherimoya be missing from your diet, which serves to regulate tension and also provides collagen and chili that helps burn calories and reduce inflammation.

Another superfood that you should include in your diet is the sapote. It is a very common tropical fruit in Central America. This food is considered, due to its sweet taste, like chocolate fruit.

It is a fruit of medium size and oval in shape and somewhat flattened. Inside I could up to four seeds or more, depending on the variety. The skin contains a lot of fiber, is soft and loses the little roughness it has when it is ripe. The color of both the pulp and the skin can vary depending on the variety of sapote. These are some of the properties of the sapote:

It is a fruit with vitamin A, so it has great benefits for the eyes, favoring eye health.


combat constipation

The sapote is a good ally against constipation. Having a large amount of fiber, it acts as a natural intestinal regulator, helping to cleanse our intestines and eliminate intestinal waste.


Regulates blood pressure

It improves high blood pressure levels and treats cardiovascular diseases. It has the ability to help clear blood clots in the arteries, often caused by poor diet.


slows down aging

The sapote has a great antioxidant power of the cells, so it helps to naturally delay the oxidation of the cells of our body.


Strengthens bones and muscles

Being rich in calcium, it protects the bones of our body. In addition, it strengthens the teeth, maintains muscle contractions and regulates blood coagulation.

Another benefit of the sapote that has a variety rich in vitamin B6. This component is necessary to create hemoglobin in the blood, which is carried by red blood cells throughout the body. This helps to oxygenate and mobilize iron in the body.

This fruit contains a large amount of fiber, both soluble and insoluble. The former takes up space in the stomach to help you feel full on fewer calories, while the latter slows the rate at which digested food leaves the stomach.

How to consume sapodilla

The sapote is delicate, both the pulp and the seeds, and it is not suitable for high temperatures. As it has a very juicy and sweet pulp, with the sapote you can prepare ice creams, smoothies and jellies. It is best to eat it raw or preserved.

Remember that this is general information and under no circumstances replaces the advice of a professional.

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