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F1 22 debuts to mixed reviews for something as simple as a rehash

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F1 22 debuted yesterday, and the reviews are being very mixed, to the point that at the time of writing, with just over 1,500 reviews on Steam, 41% of them are negativesomething quite to take into account for an annual game that recycles a large amount of the work already done in previous years, and that the hand of EA is noticeable, where we could see what we have already seen in FIFA reflected in the future of F1 games.

In the case of metacritic the story is even worse, as PlayStation 5 users have rated it with a score of 4 out of 10 points while those of Xbox have done it with 6.6 points.

If we focus on negative reviews, we talk about poor performance in its new mode for Virtual Reality, where a Core i9 + GeForce RTX 3080 Ti runs over 40 FPS. That is the least of the problems, and that is that despite being a rehash, users complain about numerous bugsproblems with the audio that can cut out intermittently, some problems with the AI ​​of the rest of the vehicles, which always make the same mistakes at the same point on the circuit, or that some Fanatec peripherals do not work as they should.

To this is added campaign mode removed for an “F1 Life” mode where you can spend money on a sofa to furnish a room that has no real use other than looking at it as The SIMS in static mode. So there are many complaints that the time spent doing something useless would have been spent on more useful things for the game.

F1 22 has improvements, but they don’t balance the balance

not everything could be badand it is that many agree that driving realism has been improved (sensing the weight of the vehicle, the tires after a stop, etc), that despite the isolated problems of the AI it now behaves more realisticallybut many also agree that the game is a “Copy&Paste” from last year and, despite this, they have added unnecessary problems, and that finally, if you have F1 21, and if you are not a true player of this type of games, it’s not worth buying the F1 22 (at least for now and at the launch price), especially if we take into account that for months there have been mods to add the textures and driver changes of this season, not to mention using the same interface currently used in retransmissions, since the F1 22 continues to use the old.

“I’ve completed 2 50% races at Silverstone and Monza. Currently my first impression is that the game is more or less copy-paste from last year, and they somehow managed to mess up a lot of things by copying and pasting said a user named Ignas.

“I mean the new sounds are great, that’s the best part, the car models are pretty good for most of the cars, but some lose the color completely, I’m not sure if it’s related to the lighting of the track or it’s just bad, but the colors of some cars are pretty bad.

This year’s graphics are more or less the same, except that Ray Tracing has improved it, so the overall visual quality is a bit better, but nothing too big. The game is still pretty, but once again it seems too cartoony and lacks a bit of realism.

I’ve been playing F1 games for 5 years now and I’m definitely not buying this year’s game (I’m playing with EA test now). My run is completely the same as last year, except I just got a vehicle upgrade tree with a new skin and a budget option. The base car is also ugly, but that may be due to license restrictions. Vida F1 is also “…”, no one asked for it, development time could have been spent literally anywhere else, but hey, some might enjoy it.

Another amazing franchise ruined by EA. My suggestion is that you stick with F1 21 or buy the F1 mod for AC, you’ll be able to experience the new cars much better that way.”

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