El precio de la luz cae hasta los 226,90 euros/MWh este viernes

The June electricity bill will be the third most expensive in history, according to Facua

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  • The Consumers organization asks the Government to replace the marginal auction model, because it is the origin of speculation and disproportionate electricity prices

  • Average user will pay about 133.85 euros, almost 65% more than a year ago, according to Facua calculations

  • The Minister of Labor Yolanda Díaz makes a thread on Twitter asking that the Energy company lend a hand instead of taking advantage of the situation

The electricity price It does not give respite, despite the reduction of VAT and the cap on the price of gas, by the Government. This is what Facua-Consumers in Action warns, which is already talking about the fact that the June bill will be the third highest in history. A average user will pay some 133.85 euros, almost 65% more than a year ago, according to the organization’s calculations.

Facua has highlighted that after the drop in the two previous months the price of electricity has “fired” again in June and insists on claiming the Government “more effective measures to protect families”, because the mechanism of topen gas for electricity generation such as reduction of VAT on electricity to 5% will have a “low impact”.

The Minister of Labor Yolanda Díaz, from her Twitter account, has asked the energy companies to “grow their shoulders ” and “redistribute burdens”, given inflation data that exceeds 10%, while wages continue to lose purchasing power.

According to Facua’s analysis, the invoice of an average user in June it is only surpassed by those of March 2022, when it reached the historical maximum with 176.73 eurosand December of last year, when it stood at 140.62 euros.

In June, the average price per kilowatt hour (KWh) was 31.51 cents during off-peak hours, 31.95 during flat hours and 37.11 during peak hours (including the 10.55% indirect taxes applied to bills issued since last September 16).

The arithmetic mean between the three sections this month was 33.52 cents, 74.7% more than the 19.19 a year ago. The weighted average, taking as reference the consumption of the average user in each section, was 33.25 cents, 82.9% higher than the 18.18 in June 2021.

The average user used in his analysis has a contracted power of 4.4 kilowatts (the same at peak and off-peak hours) and a monthly consumption of 366 KWh. Regarding the percentages of consumption in the three time slots of the billing system, the consumption reference values ​​are 45% of electricity in off-peak hours, 29% in peak hours and 26% in flat hours. .

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Facua calls for a “radical change” in the system to set wholesale electricity prices

“The marginal auction model is the origin of speculation and of the disproportionate prices that consumers pay”, explains Facua, who calls on the Executive to raise the European Commission a “radical change”given that, in his opinion, “it is absurd that consumers have to pay for cheaper energy at price of the most expensive“.

“And the most expensive are not always those with the highest production costs -those that depend on gas-, but also those that, as has been happening with the hydroelectric plant, bid at the auction at the same price or even above what that the plants that burn gas do”, the organization added.

In addition, it urges the Government to protect families by declaring them all, except those with higher incomes, as vulnerable consumers, so that they can take advantage of a special social bonus that “would allow them to pay rates with large discounts” on what the market dictates.

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