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Pearl Abyss Releases Drakania Awakening for Black Desert Simultaneously on PC and Consoles – PowerUps

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In addition, Black Desert for consoles reaches 120 FPS on PlayStation 5, making the gaming experience much smoother.

Pearl Abyss has released the long-awaited free update that brings Drakania Awakening to both Black Desert Online as for Black Desert Console. Today’s release marks an important milestone for the game and the company, as it marks the first time an update of this magnitude has been released simultaneously for PC and consoles.

The Awakening update offers a completely new style of play for players, but also includes a new quest chain with information about the Drakania and its draconic heritage.

The update also adds a new Season: Dawn of Dragons, which makes it easier for players to get gear and level up quickly. However, Rise of Dragons Season content will only be available to PC players for now.

Free Game Access Event from July 27 to August 10

All new adventurers can get the game for free for 14 days. If during this time they manage to reach level 50 with any character, they will be able to claim a pass that will allow them to keep the game forever, completely free.

Additionally, if players complete the Rebirth or Awakening quest (available after reaching level 56), they will automatically be entered into a drawing for the Conqueror’s Edition DLC, which includes $90 worth of rare items and in-game currency at total.

Veteran players can also enter this giveaway, but to do so they will need to upgrade three of their Tuvala teams to PEN level with a Season character. Of course, to be able to participate in this latest promotion you must have downloaded the game client from the official website here, not from Steam or the Store of your console.

The Drakania Awakening update includes new content:

  • trion: A new exclusive Awakening weapon that is a combination of two spears, one powered by wind and one powered by fire. The Drakania wields both in tandem, unleashing relentless attacks.
  • The maleficent blood forms Y draconic blood: Drakania can switch between both forms freely, and each offers its own modifiers to the character’s attacks.
  • Drakania Awakening– The unique characteristics of the Drakania allow it to remain in the Awakening without going through the previous form.
  • close combat– The Drakania class is based on a close combat style, with excellent movement abilities.

New Drakania Awakening abilities:

  • violent shake: Unleash the power of dragons on nearby enemies, then plunge the Drakania’s Trion into the hearts of enemies.
  • harbinger of chaos: Channel the winds into his left spear, soaring into the air, then crashing down on his enemies.
  • crushing rush (Malefic Blood) – Combine both spears to channel the winds and then charge at the enemy.
  • crushing rush (Draconian Blood) – Combine both spears, then unleash the winds to the front to push your enemies back.
  • seismic roar (Malefic Blood) – Channels the winds into the spear and then releases them forward, while igniting the right spear, leaving a fiery mark on the ground that burns enemies.
  • seismic roar (Draconian Blood) – Channel the winds into your left lance, then summon the power of dragons to unleash a devastating roar forward. The persistent and destructive dragon’s breath decimates all enemies in front of it.

The company has also announced major technology upgrades that will allow you to play at up to 120 FPS on PlayStation 5making the gaming experience much smoother on Black Desert Console.

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