The Schumachers return to Spain: they buy a 2.8 million euro mansion in Mallorca

The Schumachers return to Spain: they buy a 2.8 million euro mansion in Mallorca

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Michael Schumacher and his environment are returning to the news in recent times for various issues related to the life of the German ex-pilot. A few days ago, his former agent William Weber He assured in strong statements that the seven-time champion’s family had recently told many lies about his state of health.

He also stated that he, despite considering himself a person very close to the German due to the relationship they had maintained in recent decades, had not been able to have access to see him or take an interest in his condition. He only received the little information that he filtered and was told to the media by some of the family members or the few friends who have been able to visit the ‘kaiser’ During the last years.

It’s been nine since that bloody accident at the ski resort in Meribel and little has been known since. It was in 2013 when Michael suffered that terrible fall and that strong blow of his head against a stone that has brought about the darkest years of his life. A life of which even the circumstances in which it occurs are unknown. He has only learned that he needs specialized medical care 24 hours a day.

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His wife Corinne, who has put herself in charge of everything that has to do with her husband, has totally restricted access to information about Michael. not even his son Miketeam driver Hass of Formula 1He talks too much on the subject. But now it has been possible to know what is the next step that the family will take.

Michael Schumacher and his wife Corinna during his time as a Ferrari driver


The Schumachers return to Mallorca

As reported by the German magazine Die Bunte, the Schumachers move to return to Spain. Specifically to Mallorca. They have acquired an impressive mansion worth around 2.8 million euros with the intention of spending the winter season there, especially looking for a warmer and more appetizing climate.

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The purchase made by the family of the seven-time champion and headed by Corinna, would be of a farm of about 54,000 square meters in the area of ​​the Port of Andraitxin Mallorca, an island that they know well because they already had another mansion there, yes, much larger than the current one.

Corinna Schumacher with Gina Maria, the eldest daughter of the marriage

Corinna Schumacher with Gina Maria, the eldest daughter of the marriage

The new land acquired would be an idea for raising animals, one of the passions of Gina, the daughter of the Schumacher couple and Mick’s sister. It has unbeatable views and also stands out for its proximity to the sea. The previous purchase made in the area was in 2018 in the area of The Breezes of Andratx and had a value of about 30 million euros. Although it was a much smaller complex than the current one, about 15,000 square meters, it had a value that was almost 15 times higher.

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In this way, the long and costly recovery that is being carried out by what is considered the best Formula 1 driver in history will continue for long periods of time in Mallorca, an island that was very much to his liking. Although almost nothing is known about his condition, various experts have assured that due to what has been transmitted, due to the medical reports of the accident to which they have had access and due to the time that Michael’s mystery lasts, it is most likely that is in a vegetative state.

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