The last Debate of 'Survivors 2022' revealed the percentages of the final, with a resounding absence

The last Debate of ‘Survivors 2022’ revealed the percentages of the final, with a resounding absence

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After 93 days of adventure, Survivors 2022 put its final point after the last Debate broadcast this Sunday, July 31. Carlos Sobera conducted the last delivery in which they had 15 of the 16 contestants.

Alejandro Nieto wins ‘Survivors 2022’, after a “wild” contest until the end

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And it is that there was a notorious absence: that of Nacho Palau. Miguel Bosé’s ex already showed his swollen face at Thursday’s gala, when he explained that he had suffered an allergic reaction upon returning to civilization. Something that still lasted a day later (when the Debate was recorded, although it was broadcast on Sunday): “They have considered that he had a rare infection and that he had to look at it. But it’s nothing serious. I am annoyed by this coincidence but the main thing is to recover, ”he explained by video call.

That third finalist was missing, from which they revealed the percentage he obtained to stay in that position. “70% of votes for Marta and 30% for Nacho”, showed Sovereign. While Alexander was victorious with 58% of votes, compared to 42% of Marta.

But if there was someone outraged with the program, that was Ruben Sanchez Montesinos that when they gave him the floor, he blurted out: “They haven’t brought me any Sunday or Tuesday, it seems that they were afraid of me. It has not been shown to me. As well as Pirate Morgan, thank you for not giving me the letter from my miadre el Dóa de la madre, after spending 13 months before in the hospital. I was not given the opportunity to meet myself…” He continued to complain until the microphone was cut off.

Alejandro explained his reaction after the victory

Alejandro explained that between one thing and another he still hadn’t been able to sleep – the delivery was recorded a day after the final – and that he still hadn’t been able to do anything with the check. Of course, the first thing he is going to do after recording is see his son: “It is my priority, enjoy it and rest”.

In addition, he apologized to Tania for her reaction after hearing her name as the winner: “I went to the audience because I thought my family was there, since I didn’t see them, I remembered that Tania was there and I turned for her, ”he recalled.

After seeing a summary of his step, he confessed to feeling “shame” for his behavior: “I regret things I’ve said when arguing with Nachito, but in the end people evolve. I’m not perfect at all, ”she lamented.

Marta Peñate’s anger with her great friend Desy

Marta Peñate reappeared on set before the shouts of the public of “winner, winner”. She there she stressed feeling “second but not busted because I think she is a fair winner,” she assured about Alejandro. And she joked: “I only cried four and a half hours a night and it passed. It’s my third reality show that I didn’t win.”

After reviewing her time on the reality show, the audience stood up to applaud and she was moved, until she cried for the first time on the show: “I’m a different person but I’m afraid that people see me weak”, confessed to Sovereign.

Asked about the colleague who had the hardest time firing her, she pointed to Desy, although she was surprised that she felt somewhat disappointed in her: “I’m a little mad at you because you shouted Alejandro the winner in a video I’ve seen”. The friend defended herself by explaining that she was with his family and that she had always pointed out that her winners were her and him.

The last cheats confessed

Being the last installment, some also used it as a confessional. There, Matamoros pointed out some other robberies that he had perpetrated and had not been caught: a calamari sandwich that he hadn’t won and a fried egg which, after leaving, he caught on the fly as the team left.

Anuar also remembered the magical “fire” that he made in a few minutes, while Tania and Anabel assured that they did not know it at first but later they were accomplices.

Just as Alejandro confessed the other times he made love to Tania and nobody caught them, like behind the security booth. While he put a bundle on his bed so the cameras would think he slept there.

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