The Voice: These superstars will be the advisors of the coaches for the battles

The Voice: These superstars will be the advisors of the coaches for the battles

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next season of The Voice is approaching, the NBC network has begun to release new content about the new edition that, as the presenter himself has indicated carson daly, has some of the “most talented” artists to ever turn those chairs. Faced with so much waste of skills, the coaches They will have the support of other superstars in the music industry to help them train the participants.

First, the official social media accounts for the show began teasing a big announcement. Each of the judges, in their own accounts, began to publish a series of clues for their followers to guess the identities of these mentors, until on Wednesday the unknowns were completely cleared up.

The panel of coaches will be complemented by artists representing various musical genres, which will enrich the experiences of the participants. The debutant coach, Camila Cabello, has brought the singer-songwriter Charlie Puth; Blake Shelton has chosen the country singer Jimmie Allen; John Legend has decided to enlist the support of the soul/r&b performer Jazmine Sullivan; while the iconic Gwen Stefani will be endorsed by the Jamaican rapper Sean Paul.

But, what exactly will be the role of these celebrities on the set? Since they have been selected to advise each team in the middle of the rehearsals of the battles, the second round of the competition that will begin as soon as the blind auditions are over, when each team is complete and its participants matched to fight for their permanence.

Learn more about the Battle Mentors for this season:

Charlie Puth returns to the set

This 30-year-old singer, who is globally known for hits like Marvin Gaye, See You Again either attentionhas been signed by the Cuban-American interpreter to be her mentor this season, despite the fact that Puth confirmed that he accepted the invitation a day before the recordings began.

Just like Camila, he’s no stranger to singing competitions, at least not to The Voice. The American competes with other figures such as Taylor Swift for the title of the most frequent adviser on the program, since he has already had a streak of three seasons helping three different teams since 2016.

Alicia Keys brought it into the studio for the first time for the season 11from there he has not stopped appearing either because one of his songs is performed by some participant or because of one or another presentation at the live galas. Adam Levine enlisted him as his mentor for the season 16in 2018, and now repeat four years later under another team.

In an interview for the entertainment medium Extra, behind the scenes with Camila and Charlie, when asked if he would like to be a coach one day, he replied that he would do it without question. “I love listening to people sing, I love offering whatever little musical advice I can offer. I feel very honored and fortunate to be able to do this with Camila”, he has said.

Jimmie Allen is Blake’s adviser

Blake has decided to bring Jimmie Allen, a country singer, as his next mentor, despite having admitted that he had only met him at a few award shows or concerts, but never had a deeper conversation. In an interview with the media AccessAllen assured that Shelton has always made him “feel comfortable” and that he is honored to be his advisor.

The 37-year-old singer has had country radio hits like best-shot either Make Me Want To, although he has also collaborated with “the family of a family member” of The Voice. noah cyrussister of the coach Miley Cyrushas done a duet with Allen titled This is Us.

Furthermore, Allen himself is also no stranger to singing competitions. auditioned for America’s Got Talent, but never made it through the preliminary rounds; She also achieved some popularity by competing in the tenth edition of American Idol, to be eliminated before the live galas. However, life comes in many turns and he ended up being a guest advisor for the later stages of the show 10 seasons later, earlier this year.

Jazmine Sullivan debuts on The Voice

The next adviser is Jasmine Sullivan, exclusively chosen by John Legend himself to help him assemble his team. It is not uncommon for the EGOT winner to go to superstars from r&bafter all his background has Brandy, Miguel, Ella Mai or former Coach Usher himself.

Sullivan is a musical prodigy from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who rose to prominence in the 2000s with hits like Bust Your Windows either Need U Bad. With strong influences from music soul, approaches to pop and hip hop, origins that go back to gospel music and a large catalog of prizes to choose from, it is emerging as one of the best aids for Team Legend.

Sean Paul advises artists

Gwen Stefani has decided to bring Sean Paul, the Jamaican rapper with whom she recently collaborated on one of his projects. He is globally known for his own hits like Temperature or for having collaborated with other artists such as Cheap Thrills with the Australian Sia.

Both have recently teamed up to release the song light my fire, their first official collaboration despite admiring each other’s work for a long time. Stefani has always highlighted her influences on Caribbean music, especially with native Jamaican genres like ska, reggae and dancehall.

Paul has commented to the medium Entertainment Tonight who has already started giving advice to the contestants. “It was all about, you know, less means more on some of these songs,” she has said. “A lot of these artists were trying to impress, but I was like, ‘The song is amazing on its own, it needs to be brought to us,'” she recalled. @worldwide

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