Leonor honors her title of Princess of Girona in Figueras

Leonor honors her title of Princess of Girona in Figueras

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Angie Calero

Figueres (Girona)



The Dali Theater Museum de Figueras, an icon of Catalan culture, yesterday became the setting for Princess Leonor’s first visit to Gerona, the province that gives its name to one of her titles. About two hundred people were concentrated in the upper part of the street, compared to fifty who were in the lower part. The former achieved something that in the last five years has been unthinkable: waving and waving flags of Spainwhich for the first time were also seen hanging from many of the balconies of the buildings in front of the Dalí Theatre-Museum.

“We have come from many points in Catalonia to support Princess Leonor and show that the separatists are not the only ones making noise

», a woman from the Concordia Real Española association told ABC, while fastening a huge banner to some fences where you could read «The future is Eleanor». From the point where they were, the cries of about fifty separatists could hardly be heard, who, between whistles and boos, bellowed “Bourbon out” and “October 1, neither forget nor forgive”, in addition to insisting that the flag of Spain does not represent them and that the Bourbons “are thieves.” From the balconies, several neighbors looked at them and laughed. “We are here and we proudly show the flag because we also believe that the girl is not to blame for anything,” they explained.

Demonstrations in favor of the Crown and against the unity of Spain intensified with the arrival of Princess Leonor, 16, and Infanta Sofía, 15. The daughters of Philip VI and of the Queen Letizia They traveled from Gerona airport to the museum in a car that wore a blue banner from the Principality of Asturias. The Princess and the Infanta got out of the car smiling and took their time to greet the authorities who were waiting for them, such as the Minister of Education, Pilar Alegría, and the President of the Princess of Girona Foundation, Francisco Belil.

Demonstrations for and against intensified with the arrival of Princess Leonor and her sister Infanta Sofía
Demonstrations for and against intensified with the arrival of Princess Leonor and her sister Infanta Sofía – ABC

That the King’s House chose Girona for the first appearance of Princess Leonor in an official act after returning to Spain -after finishing her first year of high school in Wales (United Kingdom)- is a gesture full of symbolism. Felipe VI was declared persona ‘non grata’ by the Girona City Council in 2017 for the speech he gave after the illegal independence referendum on 1-O and -with the exception of the 2018 Princess of Girona Foundation award ceremony- the Family Real had not set foot in the province of Gerona again, which is considered the symbolic capital of independence.

The separatist institutions today continue to boycott the Monarchy, but the fact that the Princess of Asturias and Girona is the first to return to the province is a way of transmitting democratic normality in Catalonia with respect to the Crown. In addition, we must not forget the context: next year Princess Leonor will reach the age of majority and she will have to swear the Constitution in the General Courts. What happened yesterday, therefore, has a very marked intention and symbolism: the Heiress to the Crown honored her title of Princess of Girona and claimed her place.

Managed by the Gala-Salvador Dalí FoundationInside the museum, around twenty young Catalans and other parts of Spain who participate in different programs of the Princess of Girona Foundation (FPdGi) were waiting for the Princess and the Infanta, of which the Heir to the Crown is president of honor with his father. After a brief discussion with all of them, the group walked through the small semicircular corridor of the ‘Loggia’, until they reached the ‘Mae West’ room, where there is a three-dimensional painting of the actress. They also visited the ‘Dome’, a symbol of the museum and also of the city of Figueras. And they finished the tour in the ‘Treasure Room’, an old theater dressing room full of portraits of Gala that Dalí upholstered with red velvet because he conceived of it as a jewelery box. Already in the courtyard, the Princess nodded when she was asked if she had liked the museum. “It’s very interesting and quite shocking”he pointed.

Upon leaving, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía walked up to the top of the street to greet the more than two hundred people who had come to receive them. At the bottom of the street, there were barely ten people left. The two sisters greeted most of the attendees, shook their hands and took ‘selfies’ to be photographed with many of them. Fifteen minutes later, they got into the car that took them to Barcelona, ​​where the Princess of Girona Foundation Awards ceremony will take place this afternoon. After the speech by the Princess of Asturias and Girona and a subsequent dinner with the patrons, authorities and winners, the 48-hour trip by the Heiress to the Crown through Catalonia will come to an end.

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