'Gladiator' came home: Russell Crowe tweeted from the Colosseum and it was all the rage

‘Gladiator’ came home: Russell Crowe tweeted from the Colosseum and it was all the rage

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“Take the kids to see my old office,” tweeted Russell Crowe from Rome, driving his followers wild. The important thing: the “old office” of the actor is the Coliseumscenario where much of the plot of Gladiator.

22 years ago, Crowe played Maximum Tenth Meridium in Ridley Scott’s award-winning film. He was the character that made him famous worldwide and also gave him his only Oscar award.

The actor’s tweet, accompanied by a selfie with his children outside the old amphitheater, hit the spot. The nostalgia generated by his appearance in Rome more than two decades after the premiere of the popular film was such that the publication obtained almost 744 thousand “likes” and almost 50 thousand retweets in a few hours.

Russell Crowe and his family outside the Roman Colosseum. Photo: Twitter

In another image, Crowe is already shown inside the mythical place of the Italian capital.

Nobility obliges, we’ll take a little magic out of this. It is worth clarifying that Gladiator was not shot inside the Colosseum. They rebuilt a part of it in Malta so that Scott could film the blockbuster of it.

A frame from the legendary

A frame from the mythical “Gladiator”.

The Rome scenes were shot over 19 weeks at Fort Ricasoli. There they raised the replica of a third of the Colosseum almost 16 meters high. The amphitheater was then completed in post-production.

In other parts of the complex, different structures were created to complete the film’s Roman experience beyond the Colosseum, as well as various production spaces.

a roman experience

Russell is hanging around Rome with his mother and children Charles and Tennysonboth born from his relationship with Danielle Spencerfrom whom he separated in 2018.

In different tweets he expressed his emotions after visiting some of his favorite places in the world. “What we do in life resonates in eternity,” the actor wrote in one of his posts.

In another tweet, Crowe demonstrated his fascination with the Sistine Chapel: “I’m not sure there is a more special privilege in the world than holding the key to the Sistine Chapel and experiencing its glory in silence. Very thankful”.

The most striking thing, perhaps, had to do with his visit to the Vatican, where he had a mystical experience that reminded him of his father.

“(I had) A very special family experience yesterday. We have to walk through the Vatican Museum by ourselves. Amazing. My mother had walked these halls with my father over 20 years ago with the thousands of tourists who flock here every day and make it the third most popular museum in the world…” she began.

She then commented that she pushed her mother in a wheelchair through the same corridors they had visited. She clarified that her father passed away in 2021, “but of course, every fascinating runner has memories of her for her, directly associated with him.”

“They gave us access to rooms, perspectives and parts of the collection that a regular tourist can’t see. As we got into a small private elevator and went up to a balcony that few can see, he squeezed my hand and said, ‘I wish your father was here,’” Crowe continued.

Finally, the actor and his mother went out on the balcony, saw a “majestic panorama of Rome” and heard “from somewhere in the Vatican” the Swiss Guard band rehearsing.

“The music floated up to us. It took me a few moments to realize that they were playing ‘Danny Boy’, one of the songs we played at his funeral. Of all the songs, of all times… How? I looked at my mom, she looked at me. My Father’s presence overwhelmed us both. She had a little cry and I kissed her on the head. He was with her”, concluded Russell, remembering that “if you are lucky enough to have your parents close to her, take care of them. Call, visit, show them love.”

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