The Last of Us Part I: All the news of this classic updated to PS5

The Last of Us Part I: All the news of this classic updated to PS5

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The Last of Us Part I launches on PlayStation 5 on September 2. It is a complete recreation of the classic winner of more than 200 Game of the Year awards that take advantage of the latest new generation technical advances for advanced visual fidelity, 3D audio, DualSense wireless controller features – Heptic technology, adaptive triggers – modernized game mechanics, improved controls and expanded accessibility options that improve effects, facial animations and combat.

The Naughty Dog team faced the challenge of modernizing The Last of Us Y bring it closer to the original vision that could not be achieved with the technology of 2013. The changes go beyond offering HDR and various graphics options including dynamic 4K resolution at 60 frames per second or native 4K at 30 fps, as the level of detail of the characters has been improved and everything is rebuilt taking advantage of the new generation. The new artistic direction, the more complex environments and the animation system will give new life to some beloved characters by the fans, both for their interactions with the environment and the facial gestures, much more believable and similar to the original actors.

The DualSense will transmit every hit, jump, weapon recoil, or trigger pull -or the string, in the case of the bow-. Naughty Dog has implemented this interaction wherever we might expect a response from the controller, be it at the artboard, in combat, or a pet during cutscenes.

Improvements also in gameplay

The Last of Us Part I looks and plays better than ever. By remaking the unforgettable adventure, not only have the graphics been polished, but aspects that enhance the fun are updated. We talk about one renewed artificial intelligencewith more realistic behaviors, and more than 60 accessibility options.

“We have modernized the game mechanics, improved the controls and expanded the accessibility options in this single-player experience so that more people can enjoy the game,” the studio explained. “We have also improved the effects, exploration and combat. Taking advantage of the powerful hardware of PS5, we have integrated the 3D audio, haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers. Whether it’s the first time you play it or the umpteenth, you will have the opportunity to experience so much The Last of Us Part I like its prequel left-behind in a completely new way.

The appearance of the characters during gameplay and cutscenes is the same, so smoother transitions between cutscenes and the game can be achieved. gameplay. The increase in the density of objects, a greater amount of damage from shots and explosions, some enemies and companions who better understand the player’s behavior and other sections that evolve from what was seen in The Last of Us Part 2 they achieve an immersion like never before in Joel and Ellie’s adventure.

New modes to revive the game

In addition to the original story of The Last of Us and its expansion left-behind, The Last of Us Part I brings news requested by the community. The permanent death mode is quite a challenge for those who know every secret of the game by heart, and if you are more inclined towards the speed runthe option of time the game will help you find your record time.

Naughty Dog has added more unlockable cosmetics for Joel and Ellie, and a character model viewer. There’s no better way to play this PlayStation must-have than with The Last of Us Part I.

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The Last of Us Part I It can already be pre-ordered on the PS Store in two editions. In addition to its standard edition, fans of the saga can choose the Digital
in PS Store
. Includes the full game for PS5, the chapter left-behindand a host of early unlock upgrades: two skill upgrades, pistol/rifle upgrades, explosive arrows, flickering punk filter, sprint mode, and six weapon skins.

The Last of Us Part I res

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