Papaya and oatmeal smoothie at night to deflate: this is how it can be prepared

Papaya and oatmeal smoothie at night to deflate: this is how it can be prepared

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Abdominal bloating is abdominal swelling or distention that is often caused by overeating, rather than a serious illness.

For this reason, the portal better with health revealed that the papaya and oatmeal smoothie is ideal to reduce inflammation and to prepare it Blend ¾ cup of papaya, ½ cup of almond milk, ¼ tablespoon of cinnamon powder, ½ cup of oatmeal flakes and ice to taste.

However, the previous drink should not be a replacement for any meal and it should be accompanied by a balanced and healthy diet that should be guided by a health expert and therefore, a specialist should be consulted beforehand so that it is this who guides the process and indicates what is most appropriate for each person, since the information given above in no way replaces medical advice.

That said, it is important to mention that the ingredients of the drink have great health benefits, such as:

Papaya stands out for its high content of potassium, which is present in almost all the functioning of the body, it is even vital for the good performance of the kidneys and the heart, muscle contraction and nerve transmission.

Similarly, papaya covers 25% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin A, a nutrient that helps improve the health of the skin, as it accelerates the synthesis of melanin, the natural pigment that promotes tanning and protects it from solar radiation.

Regarding cinnamon, it has been shown to alleviate factors associated with Alzheimer’s disease by blocking and reversing tau formation in vitro and in ischemic stroke by blocking cellular inflammation, according to the US National Library of Medicine, Medline Plus.

It is also excellent for reducing bad cholesterol, according to a study by the Peshawar University of Agriculture (Pakistan). In addition, by lowering cholesterol, heart disease is prevented.

Similarly, cinnamon is said to improve fasting glucose, blood pressure, lean body mass, and antioxidant status in people with metabolic syndrome.

Along the same lines, a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and cited by The Millenium revealed that “Oats contain beta-glucan, a soluble fiber that lowers cholesterol levels and helps the digestive system process food more easily.”

In addition, the study Potential Health Benefits of Avenanthramides of Oats, published by Nutrition Reviews, indicated that when oats are incorporated into the usual diet, the body can experience many positive changes, including regulating the work in the intestinal tract.

Additionally, oatmeal is a type of cereal grain that has nutrients like calcium, zinc, copper, phosphorous, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, and E, according to the National Library of Medicine. from the United States.

However, oatmeal can cause intestinal gas and bloating, and to minimize side effects, people can start with a low dose and slowly increase to the desired amount, as the body will get used to the oat bran and the side effects will go away, because oat bran and whole grain oats are probably safe for most people when used in dietary amounts, according to MedlinePlus.

Finally, almond milk, according to the Portuguese portal for health, nutrition and wellness Tua Saude prevents osteoporosis because it is rich in calcium and magnesium.

In addition, he indicated that it is a “excellent option for those who have lactose intolerance or allergy to cow’s milk, allergy to soy and for vegetarians and vegans.”

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