Maserati Project24, an exclusive and beautiful circuit monster limited to 62 units

Maserati Project24, an exclusive and beautiful circuit monster limited to 62 units

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With the MC20 already taking its place as the brand new sports car Maseratiit was time to move on to a more racing style and that is precisely what the Italian brand will offer with the Project24, a racing prototype based on the MC20 but with a unique design, superlative performance and that you can only use on the track. The brand declares a departure from only 62 unitswhich will have better turbos, new suspension, a braking system with carbon-ceramic discs and competition tires, as well as safety elements approved and homologated by the FIA.

The Maserati Project24 it is the emblem of exclusivity and will offer a unique range of services, including track experiences and world-class support, exclusively tailored for Project24 owners.

Maserati Project24: dimensions and design

  • Width: 2,020mm
  • Height: 1,220mm
  • Weight: less than 1,250 kg

Maserati Centro Stile took the base of the MC20, somewhat apparent from the design of the cabin, but the rest was completely made from scratch, made from carbon fiber with some natural fiber-based baked parts. To continue in the trend of low weight, the windows were changed by elements of lexan and the wheels are custom 18-inch forged aluminum with center lock and slick tires.

The Project24 look is 100% runway focused. Includes adjustable spoilers at both ends, FIA approved rain light and 3.4 on-board air jacks. The most radical is the red stripe that runs from the roof to the rear spoiler, as well as the color scheme in the brand’s classic shade of blue. The car is not homologated for any category, which allows it to get out of the margins that FIA competitions often impose.

Maserati Project24: interior and equipment

The brand has not delivered images of the interior, but a long list of elements to give you an idea of ​​the concept. He will be a born sportsmanwith tools for the track, but keeping some minor amenities so you don’t suffer much either.

  • Competition seats (optional passenger seat)
  • Adjustable competition pedals
  • Adjustable steering column
  • 6-point racing seat belt
  • Carbon fiber multifunction steering wheel
  • steering wheel with integrated screen
  • Rear view camera (optional)
  • Telemetry log (optional)
  • On-board camera for video recording (optional)
  • Control panel and data acquisition system
  • Driving performance optimization monitor (optional)
  • Air-conditioning
  • Tire pressure monitoring system (optional)
  • Adjustable Racing ABS and Traction Control

Maserati Project24: Powertrain and Chassis

Although the model is not homologated for any category, to enter the track you must have minimum elements that, if they are FIA ​​regulations. These include:

  • FIA homologated 120 liter FT3 fuel tank
  • Fire extinguisher according to FIA specifications
  • FIA-approved roll-over structure

And of course, what interests us the most, the brand’s exquisite Nettuno V6 3.0 engine, which receives new turbochargers, dual combustion MTC system, Twin Spark ignition (perhaps Alfa Romeo?) and TJI dual combustion control, as well as dry sumpwith which it now reaches 730 Hp (740 Cv) of power.

Traction goes to the rear thanks to a six-speed sequential racing gearbox, steering wheel paddles, racing clutch and mechanical limited-slip rear differential.


  • Racing brake calipers
  • Brembo CCMR ventilated competition discs
  • Custom Brake Cooling System


  • Double wishbone with semi-virtual steering axis
  • Adjustable racing shock absorbers
  • Adjustable front and rear stabilizer bars

The Project24 will be something like the spiritual successor to the racing versions of the old MC12. The brand has not indicated prices, but I imagine it will be high and surely, by the time you finish reading this note, almost all of them will be sold.

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