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Two killer whales have been mercilessly devouring great white sharks off the coast of South Africa for five years

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The population of white sharks has decreased considerably in South African waters due to pressure from killer whales

The scientific report indicates that when this pair of male killer whales nicknamed port and starboard appeared in front of Gansbaai shoresa coastal town 120 km from Cape Town, the great white shark of up to 5 meters in length Y seven rows of sharp fangs ceased to be sighted until days later it appeared brutally devoured on the sand of a nearby beach.

The study reports that between 2016 and 2017 five other great white sharks They were found dead as a result of orca attacks. Oceanographers fear that the final number of sharks killed by killer whaless be much older since only a small part is thrown by the waves to the beaches of South Africa.

For the specialists, the orcas would be trying to improve your diet eating the liver of white sharks since it is large and provides a large amount of fat and nutrients.

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