Screenshots of CoD: Modern Warfare 2 maps leaked through Warzone Mobile

Screenshots of CoD: Modern Warfare 2 maps leaked through Warzone Mobile

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022)the new installment of shooter public developed by all Activision studios and directed by Infinity Ward, arrive on October 28 to PC (on Steam and, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4 and Xbox One. The publisher has shown gameplay of the campaign and has commented on some aspects of the multiplayer mode, but has not yet gone into details of the latter. However, the data miners They have anticipated the marketing campaign of the American firm, filtering images and the name of the maps.

As reported from Charlie IntelSome data miners have been able to access the closed alpha of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobilethe Android and iOS version of the battle royale developed by the Spanish studio Digital Legends together with Demonware, Beenox and Solid State Studios. The title, which has the code name Project Aurorawas placed last May in the hands of a very small part of the public through a closed alpha that cannot be shared being governed by a confidentiality agreement.

Exploring the archives of that alpha, the data miners have found information from both the continuation of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) as of Call of Duty supposed to be released in 2024 Developed by Treyarch. The person responsible for the leak has been the Twitter user @ R3AL1TYUK, whose account has been suspended after receiving multiple DMCA complaints from Activision, they report from VGC.

The Six vs. Six Mode Maps

The leaked maps (specifically, the images of the map loading screens) of the six vs. six mode are Grand Prix (set on an Asian Formula 1 circuit), oil field (in a refinery in the desert), Museum (the surroundings of a museum; it is unknown if it will be possible to access the interior) and another with the codename SABA, which appears to be set somewhere in the Middle East. You can see the images below, although Activision may force them to be removed from the network.

ground war maps

Three Ground War mode maps have also been leaked. The first of them is Hydra, which takes place in a desert area where a river passes. The second is fishtown, set in a fishing village. And finally, sirawhich will take players to a paved area with several large buildings.

To all this we must add the filtration of the code name of some of the maps that are not shown in the images, although it must also be taken into account that several of them are remnants of the code of the previous shooter by Infinity Ward.

First images of CoD of Treyarch that will arrive in 2024

Lastly, images or conceptual arts of the next Call of Duty Developed by Treyarchthose responsible for the subsaga black-ops. It’s about the maps stealth Y pillage. Said title will arrive in stores in 2024, since supposedly there won’t be a new CoD in 2023.

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