'El Hormiguero' reveals his secrets and Pablo Motos is honest about the reason he wanted to leave

‘El Hormiguero’ reveals his secrets and Pablo Motos is honest about the reason he wanted to leave

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No one discovers gunpowder by stating that ‘The Anthill’ makes history, but one more season the program of Antenna 3 keep outdoing yourself. Before going on vacation after concluding the 16th season on the air, the format was crowned leader of its time slot for the eighth consecutive year, achieving the second best result of its entire career with an average screen share of 15.6% and 2 .4 million viewers.

However, this Thursday June 30 Paul Motorcycles and his team prepared a surprise for viewers in order to celebrate another even more significant record: 2,500 nights on the small screen. For this very special reason, the program exceptionally dispensed with its famous guests to give all the prominence to the workers who make the format a reality every day.

In this tribute, the team narrated anecdotes, moments and quite unspeakable secrets that occurred behind the cameras in the 16-year history of ‘The Anthill’. First, the scriptwriters appeared on the set, who recounted their ‘earth swallow me’ moments. Newcomer, ‘The technological spy’, Sukohe got nervous when Tom Cruise caught him watching football. «He asked me about the goals and I only managed to say, ‘Win, win’. The poor guy, very nice, he answered ‘oh, yeah’».

Jordi Molto he recalled the sociological experience in which the monkeys of Gibraltar resolved the United Kingdom-Spain conflict over the Rock. Jordi Herrerafor his part, acted interesting while doing his things in the bathroom and entered no less than Danny DeVito.

Carlos Lopez official photographer and talkative cameraman reproached Paul Motorcycles a bad reaction to a prank based on scares. “You almost hit me with a cat,” she reminded him.

The now production manager, Kike Perdigonesalso had a short time ‘The Anthill’ when strange things began to happen to him. Like having to count the spots on a Dalmatian for a quip by the presenter designed so that a person from the public would take money. He had 287, specifically.

And being an intern, Mary Aracilcurrent production assistant, made a big mess by filling the dressing room with Pauline Rubio with incense trying to please the artist. She would have been right if it weren’t for the fact that they almost went up in flames.

Although if someone has anecdotes to give and give away, it is the scientist and production assistant, Keller Alonso. And the thing is that she has been through everything: she has fried an egg on his head Ryan Reynoldsthey’ve made him piss, get drunk, taste laughing gas, and at his most difficult moment on the show, he almost got burned.

The guts of ‘El Hormiguero’

Another mystery resolved during the special was that of the person who translates the international guests. She is Patricia Olangua, and it was also released tonight. Fresh from the NATO Summit, she explained that his incredible skills as an interpreter are a matter of “concentration, practice and desire.”

Immediately Trancas and Barrancas appeared and their desire to embarrass Paul Motorcycles Already George Salvador, the executive producer, based on uncomfortable questions. Being honest, the presenter confessed that there was a time when he was worried about the audiences. “They overwhelmed me a lot and I was looking all the time if I was innocent or guilty.” “If something happens, which is not usually, I am in charge of giving him excuses,” added Salvador.

In addition, the presenter revealed that at one point he wanted to leave the program. «It was in the eighth season. We had in mind that the formats lasted eight years, like ‘Martian Chronicles’. I was thinking that I wanted to close, but they took me to Lake San Juan and I started having fun again. I realized that the only problem was me.

as the end of the party, ‘The Anthill‘ unveiled another mystery. “The program is made up of 120 people, friction makes love, private parties, relationships…”, commented the presenter.

To the question of how many children have been born within the team since the program began? », which Motos posed, they responded by inviting them all to the set. Since it started ‘The Anthill’ 16 years ago, 36 creatures have come into the world. And another one to come.

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