The curtain on "total normality" rises at the Almagro International Classical Theater Festival

The curtain on “total normality” rises at the Almagro International Classical Theater Festival

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Ignacio García, director of the Almagro International Classical Theater Festival, has presented the main novelties of this 45th edition, which returns to total “normality” after two years of the pandemic, recovering its usual spaces and all its capacity until the 24th. of July. At the event, which was held at the Corral de Comedias in the town of Castilla-La Mancha, the director was accompanied by the National Classical Theater Company (CNTC), as well as by representatives of the Ivory Coast company Alma Productions, of the Chilean company La Calderona and the Castilla y León company ThreeR Teatro. In this edition, Lluís Pasqual will receive the Corral de Comedias Prize and a tribute will be paid to Helena Pimenta.

The Almagro International Theater Festival returns with full capacity in its 45th edition

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“Almagro becomes a theatrical miracle, a crossroads, in which the CNTC is a fundamental part. I want to thank the company for its unequivocal commitment to Almagro. It is a pride that the first thing we present in this 45th edition is this ‘Adolfo Marsillach is me’. Because it is a luxury to be able to talk about Marsillach, but also a duty. Neither this festival, nor our culture, nor our heritage would be the same without his legacy”, said the director, thanking the presence of Lluís Homar, director of the CNTC and the performers Carlos Hipólito, Adriana Ozores, Blanca Marsillach and María Hinojosa. , as well as the pianist Dani Espasa.

The premiere of ‘Adolfo Marsillach soy yo’ coincides with the twentieth anniversary of the death of this essential actor, playwright and director. The work, according to its director Lluís Homar, is “a look at the texts he has written about life, theater or politics”. “He lives on now through the thought of him or the look of him. It is as if it were a night with the most intimate part of Adolfo… They are very demonstrative texts of who he was. They are really beautiful texts that allow us to see the lucidity, intelligence and validity of such a wise and necessary look”.

The National Classical Theater Company, dependent on the Ministry of Culture and Sports, was created by Marsillach in 1986. It is the reference institution in the recovery, conservation and dissemination of theatrical heritage prior to the 20th century, with special attention to the Golden Age.

‘The lame devil’ and ‘The Trickster of Seville’

‘Adolfo Marsillach soy yo’ will be performed at the Adolfo Marsillach Theater in Almagro, today June 30 and tomorrow July 1 at 10:45 p.m. In addition, the National Classical Theater Company presents three other productions this year in Almagro: ‘El diablo cojuelo’, together with Velvet Events, with dramaturgy by Juan Mayorga and direction by Ester Nadal (Adolfo Marsillach Theatre, July 3 and 4); ‘El burlador de Sevilla’, together with Grec 2022 Festival de Barcelona, ​​a work attributed to Tirso De Molina directed and version by Xavier Albertí (Adolfo Marsillach Theatre, July 9 and 10); and ‘Lo fingido true’, by Lope de Vega, directed by Lluís Homar (Adolfo Marsillach Theatre, from July 15 to 24).

Ignacio García has also welcomed the Chilean company La Calderon, which is staging ‘Life is a dream. Musical version’, a dialogue between the 17th century and the present, directed by Macarena Baeza de la Fuente, one of the many directors present in this year’s program. The show was also born in times of confinement by COVID and deals with issues such as the social outbreak in the Hispanic-American country, the global pandemic or the current war in Europe. On stage, nine actors and musicians play all the roles in the play, led by Chilean singer-songwriter Nano Stern.

For his part, the director José María Esbec, from the ThreeR Teatro company, has presented ‘La Verdad’, a show that focuses on the siege of Zamora in 1072. The piece is based on the voices of the Romancero, Juan de la Cueva, Guillén de Castro, Lope de Vega and Agustín García Calvo. Since 2010, ThreeR Teatro has been presenting contemporary shows, both its own playwriting and that of others. In addition, he has staged commissions with texts by Ramón de la Cruz, Valle-Inclán and Lorca for the Juan March Foundation, or dramatizations, such as ‘More Ash’, by Juan Mayorga, for the Ortega y Gasset Foundation. On the poster, it will be on July 1 and 2 at the Casa Palacio de Juan de Jedler.

‘Don Juan. The dead are not dead

Finally, ‘Don Juan. The dead are not dead’, a version that incorporates music and dance from the Ivory Coast. The piece, by the Alma Production company, is a free and faithful interpretation of ‘El burlador de Sevilla’, attributed for centuries to Tirso de Molina and recently recognized to Andrés de Claramonte. The staging is the result of workshops organized by the director of the Festival, Ignacio García, and the playwright José Gabriel López Antuñano, in Abidjan, with the support of the AECID (Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation).

The work was taking shape during the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic, as García explains. For this reason, they decided to delve into the part of the text that refers to the unjustly murdered dead, who return from the afterlife to demand justice from the criminals who are still alive. ‘Don Juan. The dead are not dead’ can be seen from July 1 to 3 at the Corral de Comedias, performed in French with Spanish subtitles.

This 45th edition, with Uruguay as the guest country, will also take to the stage the play ‘Constante’, an absolute premiere by the Comedia Nacional company. Directed by Gabriel Calderón, the piece is based on ‘The Constant Prince’, by Calderón de la Barca. It will be performed on July 1 and 2 at 8:00 p.m. at the Old Renaissance University (AUREA).

Also from Uruguay comes another absolute premiere: ‘Góngora was here’, by Teatro del Umbral, with dramaturgy and direction by Sandra Massera. It can be seen on July 1 and 2 at the Municipal Theater. And the festival will celebrate the participation of Uruguay as a guest country with ‘Ser en la noche un ser como en el día’, an act starring illustrious figures of the culture of this country. It will be held on July 2 at 8:00 p.m. in the Corral de Comedias.

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