Delirium of ears in Pamplona before an exceptional bullfight of La Palmosilla

Delirium of ears in Pamplona before an exceptional bullfight of La Palmosilla

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Up to seven ears, with the departure on the shoulders of the three matadorswere granted this Sunday in Pamplona with a triumphalist delirium fostered by an erratic president and supported, above all, by the exceptional game of the six bulls of the currency of La Palmosillatrue winner of the afternoon.

The ear madness was already unleashed when the councilor on duty took out the two handkerchiefs at the first opportunity to exaggerately reward a task of Rafaelillo that in any other square would have only received a loud ovation.

And it is that the Murcian, who returned to Pamplona after the very serious injuries suffered in the Miura bullfight of the last Sanfermines before Covid, barely settled down with a bull that faltered at the start but regained strength to charge bravely and with emotion .

Maybe it was because he killed the firstwhich here is already worth a trophy by itself, and that the mayor was also tender, but the fact is that Rafaelillo already walked those two ears that marked the low level of demand in the afternoon.

That’s why he had no choice but to give them to Manuel Notary of the second, but in his ignorance he forgot to take out the blue handkerchief together with the whites to award the return to the ring to what may be one of the most complete bulls of the 2022 season.

“Primy”, a beautiful red-eyed partridge, was a true charging machine from beginning to end of his fight: soon to all cites, tireless in his rhythmic gallop and with a classed depth, he summed up in his behavior three centuries of genetics rancher in search of the perfect bravery.

Escribano did everything to him, without respite, since greeted portagayola until he threw himself into the lunge, including an accelerated third of banderillas shared with Valadez and a tied and clean muleta job, although with more skill than delivery, which, obviously, was rewarded with ease.

With the afternoon, and the bullfight, packed there was also a double prize for the Mexican Leo Valdezwho was very spirited in taking off and in muleteer decorations with the fine third, who had a superb right python with which he did not always warm up before killing him, yes, with a great stomp.

In the second part the ear balance ceasedalthough there was still another “affectionate” trophy for Rafaelillo, more likely due to the anguish of the volterera suffered in a technical oversight than due to his poor work with another from La Palmosilla that was delivered by the right side.

And if they did not also give them to their companions from their second bulls, it was because they failed with their swords against two other bulls that gave much more: the fifth was of deep class, always fixed in the midfield, and more than feasible on the left the splashed sixth, despite the fact that it marked a certain fondness for pigsties.

Escribano did not go beyond being a technician with one, until the animal collapsed, and Valadez fought with the last one before the mess fell into a certain mess when he sought the complicity of the clubs to match Rafaelillo’s populist “hat-trick” .

Six bulls from La Palmosillaall from Cinqueños, well armed and very even in their harmonics and fine workmanship, without excess kilos, and exceptional game, because the six, even with different nuances, gave it as a whole, with a second especially outstanding, “Primy” by name, for his infatigule bravery and class.
Rafaelillo, of violet and jet: falling lunge (two ears); crossed rear lunge (ear with request of the second).
Manuel Notary, in white and gold with rose embroideries: stretched back lunge (two ears); puncture and back lunge fall (return to the ring after request and notice).
Leo Valdez, cyan and gold: great lunge (two ears); half detached lunge and five piths (silence after warning).
The three matadors left through the Enclosure Gateafter being carried on the shoulders next to the livestock foreman, Francisco Javier Guillén.
Among the crews, the measure and precise struggle of Rafael González with the third stood out.
Sixth subscription celebration of the San Fermín fair, with a full capacity (about 19,000 spectators), on a hot afternoon.EFE

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