Ion Aramendi: "Presenting 'Survivors' is a gift"

Ion Aramendi: “Presenting ‘Survivors’ is a gift”

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    Ion Aramendi is happy with his work in ‘Survivors’. He arrives at our appointment at 12 in the morning and nobody would say that, the night before, he went to bed at dawn, after presenting the reality show debate. A program in which he feels comfortable, because of the life he has led, he could well be one of the contestants. Proof of this is that after having succeeded as a basketball player, he decided to change his mind and go live in Australia, where he worked as a manager of a Greek restaurant, and where he was able to practice one of his great passions, surf. A country from which he has good memories and friends, and some other teaching that has helped him make his way in life. He arrived on television unexpectedly. His father saw an advertisement in the press, in which they asked for a television reporter, he encouraged him, he went to the casting and they chose him for ‘Sálvame’. A unique experience that opened the doors to a world in which he has integrated naturally. Married to the journalist María Amores, the couple has two sons and a newborn daughter.

    Ion Aramendi, who has an exciting life full of anecdotes, appeared for the casting of ‘Sálvame’ at the insistence of his father and acknowledges that it changed his life. “When I applied I didn’t even know it was for ‘Sálvame’, I’m not a vocational journalist, I don’t know why I studied this career, but when they called me I made a couple of parody videos, I mobilized my family and colleagues so that They voted for me and I came in third, and they hired me as a reporter” and reveals what he learned in those years. “Everything, I lost my fear of the camera, I learned to tell the story you want to tell in a minute and a half, to know how to react when Jorge put you in a tight spot…” and he recalls anecdotes from his time as a reporter. “Whenever I tried to approach Cayetano Martínez de Irujo, I generated a lot of tension, because as soon as I asked him a question about Genoveva or the Duchess of Alba, her mother, he would give me a rudeness and that was very unpleasant for me. Imanol Arias had a difficult moment when he separated from Pastora Vega and started a new love relationship, but he always treated me politely, and now we are friends, because he understood my work”.

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    Ion Aramendi’s father participated in ‘MasterChef grandparents’ and the journalist acknowledges that he loves to eat “I’ve always been crazy about food, but cooking I don’t cook anything”. The presenter is clear that his family is the most important thing. “I spend most of my time with my children. I like to play with them and fortunately in the community where we live there is a swimming pool. Since the oldest is already nine years old and the youngest is five, they demand a lot of attention and we take the opportunity to play basketball , with the tablets… Fatherhood makes me the happiest person in the world, because for me my children are the most beautiful thing that life has given me. I have always been a party animal, I have liked to have fun, but my children have focused me and have allowed me to fight because I am not ambitious at all, but for my children yes, I want the best for them”. Ion Aramendi and his wife María share profession and recognizes that they are very affectionate with their children but do not overprotect them: “In that sense we do not overprotect them, because I am a neighborhood boy, and I like that they face the problems or difficulties that they may encounter in life how I have faced. I encourage you to go out into the streets, not to be afraid and, at an educational level, the support of grandparents is very important. Both my parents and my in-laws do not spoil them too much. They help us put them in their place,” he says.

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    Ion looks back and acknowledges that “I have been a good student, a very good athlete, but very thug. I started dating before my brothers” and reveals an unknown fact about his career. “There was a stage in my life when I ran a factory with 250 people in my charge and we did industrial things, so I had to travel a lot to Germany. A stage with incredible stress, checking the butane in towns of Segovia at thirty-odd degrees. TV, if we compare it to those jobs, seemed like blessed glory to me.”

    Ion Aramendi defends television and journalism from the heart and clarifies if he would like to present ‘Sálvame’. “I like what I’m doing, the ‘Survivors’ debate, if when it ends there is another reality show in the future, we’ll see it, but I don’t do long-term projects” and reveals why he thinks Isabel’s life is of interest Pantoja or Rocío Jurado. “It is one of the things that amazes me. They are interesting because they are the two great sagas that remain, although there are many others, but it is true that Pantoja and Jurado represent a Spain that still exists, who like the mundane, the earthly, the patriotic, what tragedies like. That attracts people… For me to be part of such a mediatic family, it would be a slab. I understand that Pantoja’s family makes economic profit, the problem is that sometimes they don’t know how manage everything that is said about her. It must be very difficult to be the son of a woman who generates so much interest.

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    Ion Aramendi reveals what he thinks is the appeal of ‘Survivors’, whose latest edition was won by Alejandro Nieto, who never hesitated to present it because he considers it a gift. “Seeing people suffer in extreme situations is part of the success; that it takes place on wild islands attracts, in addition to the characters and those who defend them” and clarifies if he would go. “I can’t stand bugs or go hungry, that’s why I value what they do very much, they live a very hard physical and mental experience. Because, even if you control yourself, in the end what you have inside comes out, your true self”.

    Interview conducted in Lateral Fleming Calle del Doctor Fleming, 44. Madrid

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    “I like this photo with my family because we took it during a weekend we spent in Cabárceno, Cantabria, where we really enjoyed it.”

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