They present the world's first microSD card with 1.5TB capacity: it can store 4 months of videos

They present the world’s first microSD card with 1.5TB capacity: it can store 4 months of videos

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This new Micron microSD is the world’s first 1.5TB capacity for industrial applications, offering continuous 4K video recording for 5 years and AI-enhanced security.

It is true that the storage technology and microSD memory cards had stagnated slightly in recent times, surely pushed by its resounding fall in the smartphone market where the whole cut premium has begun to dispense with memory expansions greatly limiting its penetration in the industry and by extension the potential sales of cards.

Perhaps for this reason, the novelties of both Samsung and other manufacturers, Micron in this case, focus a bit more on industrial applications of this type of storage devicesalso widely used in video surveillance systems or professional photography equipment including cameras, drones and others.

Micron introduces a microSD card with almost unbelievable specifications: 1.5TB and 5 years of continuous recording.

So, Samsung has already introduced us to its new microSD capable of recording content for 16 years continuously, although in his case with restrained capacities, and now it is Micron who teaches us to the first 1.5TB microSD on the marketdesigned specifically for professional photography and for applications of a more industrial or machine-to-machine What camera systems in autonomous and connected vehicleslarge-scale video surveillance, smart factoriesenergy infrastructure, robotics, industrial transportation, medical care and much more.

Micron’s strategies are hugely ambitiousas they told us from the company itself:

With smart devices generating critical information for multiple applications, from public safety to connected vehicle autonomy to manufacturing operations, smart apps can’t afford to compromise on latency or quality.

Micron’s high-performance, rugged solutions, with our i400 microSD card for video security or ASIL-D-qualified LPDDR5 memory for the automotive industry, will unlock a new level for businesses and drive the rapid innovation needed in intelligent edge devices.

Kris Baxter, corporate vice president and general manager of Micron’s Integrated Business Unit.

Samsung’s new microSD card can record content for 16 years in a row

So are Micron’s new i400 microSD memories, and this is all they promise

They say from Micron that their new i400 memory cards use the first 3D NAND technology on the market with no less than 176 layers, which allows them to offer the highest capacity in the world with up to 1.5 TB without forgetting the quality of the electronic memorywhich in this case is aimed specifically at industrial-grade applications.

And it is that according to the manufacturer the appearance of advanced driver assistance systems, as well as the explosion of devices with direct connectivity to the Internet between video security, intelligent factories or infrastructures, will make More than 25 billion devices require fast and reliable storage given the huge amount of data that will be generated and shared between machines.

It is because of that your i400 cards will offer huge capacities1.5TB launch, with capacity for record data continuously 24×7 for five yearsalso being able to simultaneously handle 4K video recording and up to 8 AI events per secondsuch as object detection and classification that allow automated decision making through machine learning.

They work about two million hours before its electronics begin to fail and the memory dies, which is good faith the quality achieved with huge storage and in a minimum size.

Unfortunately, we do not know for now prices and availabilityalthough it is obvious that they will be memory directed to environments business with very high costsat least for now… We’ll see how long it takes to democratize!

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