Nursing has a new infographic with the updates of the Covid-19 vaccine @CGEnfermeria

Nursing has a new infographic with the updates of the Covid-19 vaccine @CGEnfermeria

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With the aim of making a document available to professionals with all the updates on the Covid-19 vaccines, the General Nursing Council and the National Association of Nursing and Vaccines (ANENVAC) have designed a poster-size infographic with all the indications about which vaccines, how they should be administered and in what periods of time, depending on the individual situation of each person.

“The nurses of Spain have been an example worldwide, they have administered 107 million doses of vaccines against Covid-19. We were facing a historic campaign never before carried out in our country and we have shown that we know how to manage the situation” stands out the president of the aforementioned General Council, Florentino Pérez Raya.

“Now, with the return to normality little by little, we want to provide updated information to all those nurses who are still in vaccination centers and hospitals administering new doses to the population. This is a long-distance race and we all know that If today we have eliminated practically all the measures, it has been thanks, solely and exclusively, to mass vaccination,” says Florentino Pérez Raya.

The vice president of ANENVAC, Rosa Sancho, expresses herself along the same lines, noting that “nurses are the fundamental element of the entire vaccination strategy against Covid-19. They are not only those who administer the vaccine, they are the professionals who They manage the entire process, from before starting the vaccination, preparation, information, assessment, administration, post-vaccination care and registration, in the exercise of their powers”.

Latest Recommendations

“Given the complexity of the entire process and the changes that have been taking place, nurses must be very clear at all times about the evidence and the most up-to-date recommendations in relation to this vaccination,” adds Rosa Sancho.

During these months, up to 11 vaccination strategies were presented that incorporated different recommendations, various guides aimed at health professionals, in which different aspects are reviewed.

“Nurses who have to develop this vaccination and who have to answer the questions asked by the population they serve, need access to the latest news, but it takes a lot of time to read these documents, which are usually very dense and Therefore, we wanted to facilitate this process for our colleagues”, explains the vice president of ANENVAC.

“An infographic allows you to transfer, in a graphic and summarized way, the key aspects to be up to date on this vaccination. This format includes the current situation of Covid-19 vaccination, with clear concepts about the guidelines for each population group, the vaccines and recommended doses and indications according to previous history of exposure to the virus,” Sancho underlines.

Increase in infections

“At the moment, we are observing a significant increase in the number of infections and, as a consequence, visits to Primary Care, emergency rooms and hospitalizations and deaths. And, unfortunately, there is a significant percentage of the population without completing the second and third dose”, explains, for his part, the president of ANENVAC, José Antonio Forcada.

93 percent of the population over 12 years of age received at least one dose; 92.7 percent population older than 12 years, two; and only 53.7 percent of the population, three doses, as of July 1.

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