The tricks and secrets of the Poco X4 Pro 5G revealed: become a pro user

The tricks and secrets of the Poco X4 Pro 5G revealed: become a pro user

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If you are a user of this device or are thinking of acquiring it, we recommend that you take a look at how to get the most out of it.

The mobile phone market it’s more every day large and users who want to purchase a new device have so many options to choose which results, sometimes, overwhelming to find the perfect phone for each person. as from Urban Techno we like give you a handwe have already recommended another Poco terminal recently for less than 300 euros, we want to share with you all that nobody has told you of Bit X4 Pro 5Gfor you to launch it in style.

Going into detail of all the features of the Poco X4 Pro 5G: what nobody had told you

As we have already told you on our YouTube channel, and through the video that we show you under these lines, this smartphone of Little bit it’s full of surprises inside and now we are going to unravel them little by little. Refering to camera appthe user can to access almost of instant way to the app by performing a easy setup. Go to Settings, Additional settings, Gesture shortcuts and press Launch camera. Here you can select the method to directly enter the application and take photos and videos quickly. This app will also allow you get burst photosfor which you will only have to press the three horizontal lines in the upper right part of the camera application, click on Settings and then on Press and hold shutter, there you can choose if the phone will make a burst when you press and hold the shutter button .

Do you want more? If you want know which objects are in focus when taking a video or photo, you simply have to press the word Pro on the trigger, press on the horizontal lines above and select Focus Peaking. By the way, if you want delete some object in an imagego to the photo in question in the native gallery, select Edit, click on IA and choose Delete.

exist shortcuts to facilitate certain tasks with the terminal and now we will explain some of the most useful. If you want quick access flashlight, you must go to the same menu that we showed you to choose the camera directly, except that here you can use the option Touch the fingerprint sensor twice. By the way, if you want get a screenshot, just swipe up the screen with three fingers and you’ll get the perfect picture. If you want to improve said capture and hide some information to appear on it, you only have to select the Mosaic option and paint the area you want to hide with your finger.

The gestures They are really tools when you learn to live with them and that is why we believe that you should know the possibility of switch to gesture navigation, going to Settings, Additional settings, Play in full screen and Gestures in full screen. If you want use the hidden sidebar on the main screenyou can activate it through Settings, Special functions, Sidebar and Always show.

Know all the secrets and tricks of the Poco X4 Pro 5G. Me

We will not stop here. With the Poco X4 Pro 5G you can light up the screen to the rhythm of notifications in the Settings menu, Notifications and Control Center and Notification effects, in addition to being able to activate and deactivate the screen with a double press, turning this option on in Settings, Always-on display & lock screen, and selecting the Double-tap to turn screen on or off option. And speaking of the screen, did you know that you can configure how the battery percentage is displayed in her? To do this, go to Settings, Notifications and Control Center, Status Bar and Battery Indicator. If what you want is save batteryyou just have to go to Settings, Battery and Extreme battery saving, with which you can last longer until you charge the phone.

Finally, we have left to talk to you about the adjustment that will allow you gain 2 Gb of RAM to increase the fluidity of the terminal and that you can modify through the Settings, Additional settings and Memory extension option. If what you want is to have the feeling of owning two phones in oneto differentiate leisure from work, you can activate the second space In a simple way. Go to the app drawer and tap on the Security app. At the bottom you will find the Second space option, where you will find the possibility of activating said functionality and creating a new profile.

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